Face Lift 8 Weeks. Is This Lumpiness and Ridge Normal? (photo)

I had neck and facelift 8 weeks ago. Is this lumpiness and ridge normal. I also am still very red on one side. I'm not sure if its still bruising or if the skin is scarred. I'm posting pictures. My PS said he didn't know what the puffed area was.

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Lumpiness After Facelift

When undergoing a facelift, it's important to remember that bruising, swelling, and redness are all normal symptoms to experience in the first several months as you continue to heal. That being said, lumpiness can sometimes be resolved by gentle massaging depending on the cause. Other causes of lumpiness include infection or drainage. I'd recommend that you seek medical attention right away to ensure that you're healing correctly.

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Lumps 2 months after facelifts.

At 2 months following a facelift, most of the swelling will have resolved.  Significant lumps or contour irregularities at this time are likely secondary to deep tissue folding or overlap.  Various options are available to improve the result such as selective steroid injection, micro-liposuction, dermal fillers or micro-fat grafting.  Of course, revision surgery is also possible.

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Lumps 2 months after facelift

While it is not unusual to have some contour abnormalities 4 weeks after surgery, the severity and persistence of your contour abnormalities is concerning.  If your surgeon does not have a good answer for you, it is very reasonable to get another opinion.

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Lumpiness after facelift.

The pictures are somewhat limited in scope, but it appears that you have some residual edema (tissue swelling due to lymphatic blockage) which should resolve with massage and time. If your surgeon thinks there is potential deep scarring, injections of dilute steroid into the areas followed by massage should help. Additional surgery should not be done at this time. Good luck.

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Concerning lumps after facelift

In many cases it is normal to have some uneven areas after facelift surgery. Initially it can be due to things as simple as positioning of your head and from the initial post-op dressing. Later , it can be caused the layering of tissues when a deep plane facelift is performed which usually resolves with time and gentle massage of the area. It is difficult to determine what is going on from your photos but it is certainly something your surgeon will address with you as time goes on.

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Lumpiness and ridges

Without seeing your entire face and in person it is difficult to say what exactly it is. It may very well be swelling.

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Lumpiness or ridge after Facelift

A certain degree of lumpiness or ridges is unremarkable after neck lift or facelift surgery. Most of this irregularity will smooth and soften overtime as the swelling resolves. Small fluid collections can be present for weeks or months. Facial or neck massage helps some patients to reduce the lumpiness by improving lymphatic drainage, but only after consulting your plastic surgeon. Diet also play a role, so limit excess salt and processed foods. Only after a comprehensive evaluation can a plastic surgeon help determine appropriate options for you. Speak with your plastic surgeon. Best of luck. 

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Lumps, redness, and ridging after a facelift

This does not look normal, especially for 8 weeks out from your procedure.  The red area is worrisome: is this prolonged edema? Is there a mild infection?  Lymphatic drainage, ultrasound, and massage may all benefit you if there is not a fluid collection or an infection.  Your surgeon should be consulted.

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Face Lift 8 Weeks. Is This Lumpiness and Ridge Normal?

This could be the residual of blood or irregular redrawing. I would have started you on external ultrasound therapy at 10 days. Ask your surgeon for treatment. 

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Persistent fluid after facelift

Lumpiness and swelling after af facelift is not uncommon, even at 8 weeks.   Small seromas or even a small hematoma may be present for months.  Gentle massaging or pressure with your fingers on a specific area of swelling may help to dissipate the swollen area.


Follow the advice of your Plastic Surgeon.  If the area becomes warm or even hot or paricularly red , think about a small infection.  Antibiotics would be in order for this problem.  A collection of fluid in the front of the ear my be something called a parotid fistula, but this is very uncommon.  There are specific treatments for this, but this would be identified by Plastic Surgeons during an examination.


Good luck to you.


Frank Rieger M.D.  Tampa Plastic Surgeon

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