How Long Does It Take For An Orbital Fracture to Heal?

About 3 months ago I got into a car accident , and fractured a couple things and they all have seemed to heal except my orbital fracture on my left eye. My eye looks awful its sunken in and its healed a bit in the past 3 months but it seems like its not getting any better other than that. So is it possible my eye will look like this forever and if not how long is the healing process ?

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Orbital fracture

By three months the bones around the globe should have healed,. If your eye appears sunken did you have the bones repaired?

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Healing of Orbital Fracture


At 3 months from your injury, the orbital fracture is healed as well as it is going to. You did not say what kind of treatment you had. If you had none, as I would expect from the way you asked the question, and the orbital bones were not realigned and stabilized, then you need an evaluation by a plastic or ENT surgeon who is experienced in care of facial fractures. You probably need the fracture recreated and repaired or some other reconstructive procedure. This needs to be done before the scar is too set. If you were treated and still have a sunken eye, and the person who is treating you cannot give a good explanation of what is going on and a plan to achieve normalcy, then you need a second opinion.


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