Is it ok to workout and play sports like soccer and basketball two weeks after surgery?

I am trying to get a better idea of exercising after gynecomastia surgery. I played soccer exactly 2 weeks after surgery, which is the day I had my second follow up appointment with my surgeon and he allowed me to play sports but he said to avoid any chest exercises. However, when I played, I got hit hard in my chest which didn't cause any pain but I'm wondering how any hit or contact affects my chest, especially that hit? Can I play sports that early or should I avoid it to be on the safe side?

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Exercise After Gynecomastia Surgery

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Hi ziad,
Thanks for the post. This is a question that you should ask your surgeon.  Every surgeon has different guidelines for when they allow their patients to return to physical activity. I advise my patients to wait 4-6 weeks prior to resuming sports and exercise.

Dr. Dadvand

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Resuming Activity Following Gynecomastia Surgery

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Perhaps, this may help provide you some insight. Usually 1 week after #gynecomastia surgery you can begin taking moderate walks or ride a stationary bike. Strenuous workouts or aerobic #exercise can begin around 4 weeks post-op. I suggest you get approval from your doctor before you begin any physical activity and workout regimens. It important to prevent any damage to the surgical sites as you are healing. This will decrease your chance of requiring #revision procedures in the future. The best advice is to be patient as it is still very early in your post-operative #healing.

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Exercise after gynecomastia

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Ask your surgeon for their recommendations specific to your operation.  However, it seems a bit too soon to start working your pectorals after a significant gynecomastia reduction.  I usually recommend about 6 weeks of no heavy chest muscle exercise.

Jeffrey D. Wagner, MD
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon
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Timing of Sports After Gynecomastia Surgery

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I would think it unwise to start vigorous sports that soon, but check with your surgeon. For my patients 4-6 weeks is required for sufficient healing to play sports safely.

Is it ok to workout and play sports like soccer and basketball two weeks after surgery?

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Two weeks is too soon. Mild exercise after male breast reduction is not recommended until at least two weeks and six weeks for more aggressive exercise. 

Richard Zienowicz, MD
Providence Plastic Surgeon
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Activity after surgery

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You need to check with your own surgeon. In general the early concern is to reduce the chance of post operative bleeding, or getting a hematoma.

Is it ok to workout and play sports like soccer and basketball two weeks after surgery?

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Recovery after gynecomastia can vary for each patient depending on the severity and complexity of each case. Generally, patients are asked to avoid strenuous activity and heavy-lifting or about 4-6 weeks. This decreases risks of complications. However, patients can exercise within 2-4 weeks, focusing on other areas, like the lower extremities. My patients are asked to wear a compression vest or garmet to help minimize swelling and provide support for at least 4 weeks. Consult your plastic surgeon to determine whether or not you are ready for more activity. Best wishes.

Excersise after gynecomastia surgery

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Early exercise after gynecomastia surgery is not recommended. We suggest our patient to wait at least 4 weeks before upper body exercise and contact sports. Early movement of the skin and muscles of the chest may create fluid collection (seroma) underneath the skin that will require surgical removal. Seroma can also become infected. Compression garment is also recommended for 3 -4 weeks.

You will play soccer and exercise for the rest of your life; give yourself 2 more weeks to heal properly without possible complications. Good luck.

Zoran Potparic, MD
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon
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Resuming athletic activity after gynecomastia treatment.

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In my own practice the patients we permitted to resume athletic activity a few days after surgery provided they can protect the chest wall from trauma. Recovery in your particular case will be dictated by your own surgeon.

When to play sports and exercise after surgery

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This is something you need to clear with your surgeon who knows you best. For my patients, depending on how they are healing I allow them to return to formal exercise and contact sports in four to six weeks. Good luck

Miguel Delgado, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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