Do bullhorn Lip Lifts last?

I've seen many pics of the effects of this type of lip lift and I like the result. How long does it last? Will the lip eventually return to its natural state 5+ years down the line, or will it remain lifted and fuller looking?

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Bullhorn Lip Lifts

Because a subnasal lip lift removes skin it is largely a permanent procedure. Over the first year after the procedure there is about a 20% relapse but most of the result is permanent.

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Lip Lift

Thank you for your question. A subnasal lip lift is one of the most popular methods of lip lift surgery because of its effectiveness. This procedure is performed by removing a bit of skin tissue from underneath the nose. When the incision is closed, the removed tissue creates a slight lift in the upper lift. I suggest that you move forward and consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon.

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How long lip lifts last

I agree with Dr. Eppley's answer below.  After doing over 1000 lip lifts in 23 years, I can count on 2 fingers the number of lip lifts I have come back to re-do for relapse.  It's a remarkably reliable and long lasting procedure.

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