Why are lip lifts not common and advised against?

My upper lip sits too low on my face and when I speak my upper teeth don't show because my upper lip covers them completely. I would love a lip lift to show a bit of my teeth when I speak and to help balance out my face, however many surgeons told me not to because it causes major scarring. Is there any other major complications, such as nerve/muscle damage? I have had rhinoplasty, would the incision cause nasal swelling as it does with rhinoplasty? Do I have to dissolve lip filler first?

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Lip Lift

Thank you for your question. Lip augmentation is an increasingly popular approach to improving one's appearance because the lips are the first thing that most people notice about women. Lip augmentation can also be an excellent compliment to many plastic surgical procedures, including a facelift, forehead/brow lift, laser resurfacing, Rhinoplasty, and with facial implants.

I suggest that you move forward and consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon.

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