Any suggestions for Body lift scars hiding?

My body lift scars are 3 months old. They are flat but dark and discolored and other are still red. I am applying all the creams prescribed by my ps. Can I tattoo them or do microdermabrasion or chemical peel or too soon? My wedding is next month so am concerned. Thnx

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Body lift scars - still dark and discolored at 3 months

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Thank you for your question about your body lift scars.

  • Hard as it is to believe, scars can take a year - occasionally longer - to fade.
  • It is best to wait another 3 months.
  • Then a vascular laser treatment should fade the scars.
  • Skin lightening creams tend not to work well on surgical scars -
  • 100% shea or cocoa butter may be more helpful.
  • If after a year, the scars are still poor - a tattoo can conceal them.
  • A pigment laser may remove the brown color if it is still here.
  • Microdermabrasion and chemical peels are unlikely to help.

Always consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Best wishes. Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Body lift scars

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Scars take up to 18 months to go through their maturation phase during which they will change from very raised and bumpy to hopefully smooth and light in appearance.  You are still in the very early healing phase and its common for scars to still be red.  Its unlikely you will achieve significant improvement in one month.  I recommend patients in my practice use silicone gel sheets which can be applied and worn overnight for best results.  Tattooing or dermabrasion would be very unwise.


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Sometimes you will not know what a final scar appearance really is until a year after surgery. Every surgeon and patient has different threshholds for scar revision. What we know is that tension at the time of closure and wound healing issues can lead to widened scars but everyone scars differently. Check with a board certified plastic surgeon so they can examine you and make specific recommendations. Good luck, MMT

Scar fading ASAP

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Most creams don't work for scarring unless they are silicone-based. You could anticipate your scars will continue to fade over the next few months, but they won't be at their lightest for 6-8 months and that doesn't help you for your wedding. I usually recommend silicone sheets to be applied to scars. This helps with flattening, softening, and decreasing the color better than anything else on the market. Good luck and congrats on the wedding.

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