Ear Fluid and Seasonal Allergies with Tummy Tuck, Breast Implants and Lift.

I'm having a tummy tuck, breast lift and implants in 6 days. I went to the doctor today and she said my allergies are acting up (all nasal symptoms, no fever, or cough) and that my ears have fluid on them but are not red or infected. Can I still have surgery and would it be smart to take amoxil to prevent ear infection? Is that safe to take before surgery?

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Seasonal Allergies and Mommy Makeover

It’s not unusual for plastic surgeons to see pre-operative patients with seasonal allergies.  Many of these patients have nasal congestion and middle ear fluid.  For many, this represents their normal base line status.  For these reasons, it’s probably appropriate to proceed with surgery as long as no other signs of infection are present.

                It’s important to discuss these issues with your plastic surgeon before proceeding with surgery.  In some cases, he may elect to delay surgery pending a consultation with an allergist, especially if you have nasal drainage and a cough.


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Mommy Makeover

Your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon can direct you to an antibiotic if needed prior to surgery.  Usually you will receive antibiotics during or before surgery.

Vivek Bansal, MD
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Mommy Makeover surgery

Thank you for the question.

You have probably already had your surgery - hopefully with no problems due to the allergies you were discussing.

In my practice, I discuss things with the patient's PCP if he/she has concerns about proceeding with surgery but generally, unless there are issues with infection and / or airway issues, it's fine to proceed with surgery.

Best Wishes!

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Seasonal allergies before surgery

Typically, unless you have an infection or are coming down with a cold, you can still have surgery.  Check with your family doctor to see if there is anything you can do to reduce the fluid in your ears.  

Use of antibiotics in the absence of infection is not generally advised, and brings its own set of problems, but again that is something you could discuss with your family doctor and your plastic surgeon.

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Breast surgery

Talk to your plastic surgeon, who should discuss the finding of your doctor and decide whether to put you on antibiotics prior to surgery, sice an implant is to be used. If there is a possibility of sinus or ear infection then the surgery should be postponed till your infection is completely treated.

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Tummy tuck and breast implants at the same time with congestion


If there is any chance that you have a real infection elsewhere, I would not advise surgery, especially breast implants.  But as you imply, this might not be the case.  In this type of situation, your plastic surgeon may speak to your family doctor and together they can decide what is the wisest course.

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Allergy issues before surgery

As long as there are no signs of infection (fever, chills, high temperature, purulent nasal or ear drainage, sinusitis, etc.) - it would be OK to have surgery.  Non-infected fluid behind the ear drum is probably best treated with decongestants.

Have your plastic surgeon and your family doctor (or whoever examined your ears) speak to each other, so they can come up with a sensible strategy for you.  It's best if everyone is "in the loop".

Good luck with your surgery!

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