Can Ear Cartilage Regrow if the Perichondrium is Not Removed?

If ear cartilage is harvested from the conchal bowl and the perichondrium is left there , can it regrow after many years ?

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Cartilage regrowth with perichondrium

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Cartilage regrowth is a controversial and exciting frontier in facial plastic surgery.  Several studies have found regrowth of costal cartilage when remnants of cartilage are placed back in the donor site.  This has also been described in septoplasty surgery for the nose.  In theory, if crushed cartilage was placed back in the area cartilage may regrow.  However, anecdotal evidence suggests that this is not likely.

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Ear Cartilage Regrowth From Harvest

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In theory it can but it usually doesn't. If cartilage had not reformed within six months of harvest, it will not do years later.

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