Recent Otoplasty, Too Much Cartilage Removed. What Do I Do Now? (photo)

I recently had otoplasty about 3.5 weeks ago on 1 ear and am unhappy with the results. First, I know it is too soon to judge, but here is my concern. The doctor used the conchal setback method and I feel like he removed way too much of the conchal bowl. Is the area he marked preop the amount actually removed? He says he removed 3mm but it looks like he removed the entire marked area. If he releases the sutures will more of the conchal bowl appear and amke it look more like it did pre surgery?

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Waiting for Otoplasty Healing

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Although challenging, try not to fixate on your healing ear. Fight the urge to look in the mirror all day. It is early and undoubtedly the ear has distortion at this juncture.  Week by week, month by month, the distortion typically resolves and the ear will appear more normal. Visit your surgeon regularly and have him reassure you throughout this healing process. Hang in there!  

To much Cartilage Removed?

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Although difficult, I would continue to wait and follow your surgeons instructions. Otoplasty results take months to achieve the final results. Your cartilage has memory and the skin will re-drape and you will get some recurrence which should leave you with an excellent result.

Otoplasty revision.

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You are correct that it is too early to judge the final results of your surgery. Thank you for posting the photos as they are helpful and still show some swelling and contraction. This will soften in time and the mildly redundant skin fold that is noticeable in front with redrape. I would suggest you continue with good communication and close follow up with your surgeon. It is possible to have this revised IF needed in the future.

The skin fold on your ear will improve with time

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Hi, Thanks for the question.  It is a bit early to look at any revision surgery.  You mst have had rigid cartilage that needed to be partially resected to facilitate the otoplasty.  Your surgeon has achieved a good correction with a nice antihelical fold formation and a nice reduction in the conchal mastoid angle.  It is still very early.  Skin does contract but that takes time.  In addition you have some swelling of the skin.  Don't have any "release" of the correction.  The ears "relax" with time and the ear will come forward a small amount and "use up" some of the skin excess you are concerned about today.  In 3 to 5 months, it there is a skin excess, your surgeon can do a minor skin resection on the front of the ear to correct the excess.  If needed, don't worry, the scar is not detecable within a few months.  Dr. Scott Barr

Scott Barr, MD
Sudbury Plastic Surgeon

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