Otoplasty- Will My Result Improve? (photo)

Hi, I had a bilateral otoplasty performed 10 days ago. I am not happy with the result so far, the tops of the ears are sticking out and have a telephone look to them. Was just wondering whether swelling should improve this or whether the surgeon did not pin them back adequately. I have attached photos. Thanks

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10 days after otoplasty with aesthetic concerns

The overall sentiment here is that it takes time for ears to heal and give it some time before prematurely judging your result.  Speak candidly with your surgeon and be prepared for additional changes while you heal.  

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10 Days Post Op Otoplasty

Thank you for your question.
At this point in your recovery, it is too soon to evaluate the final results.  You may find that both ears may change during the next few weeks-months.
I would recommend that you do not evaluate things on a day to day basis as this may cause anxiety.
Keep your follow up appointments with your surgeon.
Best wishes.

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Otoplasty result

While it is common to have swelling ten days after surgery, it is unlikely that the tops of your ears will change position.  Sometimes it is not that the top protrudes too far, but that the middle and bottom portions of the ear are "too close" to the head.  Speak to your surgeon about your concerns, there may be some adjustments that can still be made.  In general, it is always important to look at the "before" and "after" results of the surgeon you are considering in advance of making a final choice.  Not only can you assess your surgeon's aesthetic sensibilities, but you can also better define your own.  Good luck!




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You appear to have a nice result 10 days after Otoplasty Surgery.

It would be helpful to view your before photos, but your ears do not protrude excessively, and you appear to have an acceptable, natural-looking result.

Hope this reassurance is helpful.

Dr. Joseph

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Telephone Deformity of the Ear Post Otoplasty

At 10 days after an otoplasty, the final look and positioning of the ear is still in question.  When the top sticks out too far and not the middle, it means that the middle portion of the ear is tight, causing buckling out of the upper, and sometimes lower, portion of the ears.  This is known as telephoning. 

I have seen this post op deformity go away once the sutures, which are holding the middle portion of the ear down, relax.  Dissolvable sutures which some surgeons use routinely dissolve at 30-90 days, and even permanent sutures which some surgeons use are sutured into soft tissue which allows apreading, i.e. release of anchoring down of middle portion of ear.  What that all means is give it 90 days.  You may be pleasantly surprised with the improvement. 


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