Is it normal that my face is too red and itchy after I had a microneedling three days ago?

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Itching and redness after microneedling

Thank you for your question.

Itching and redness is a sign of healing. 

Microneedling + PRP is better than microneedling alone.

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Itching and redness after microneedling

It is very common to have itching and redness after microneedling for a few days and this is due to inflammation and histamine release.  The two things you can do to help this are to keep the skin moist with a product that is recommended or approved by your physician and to use over the counter Benadryl.  If you feel that your itching and redness are more than you would anticipate or is getting worse, I would recommend you return to see your physician first.  I hope this helps.

Dr. Denis Gonyon

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