Dorsal Hump Still Slightly There After Rhinoplasty?

I just had Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty, and Turbinoplasty about 8 days ago.This was to help with my breathing, but mainly for my interest in removing the hump i had on the bridge of my nose. I had open nose surgery for a more accurate procedure. I am just worried though the day he removed my cast and splints my nose was perfectly straight from what i can see but the next day when he removed the thin layer of tape on my nose i had a slight hump. I am worried but don't know if this is just swelling?

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Hump is still there after removing dressing

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Swelling takes up a lot of space including space where cartilage or bone was removed after surgery.  If a hump is still there after removing the dressing it is too soon after surgery to fairly evaluate what is just swelling and what is actually left there.  Have patience and give it a couple months before judging.   Then discuss it with your surgeon.



Dorsal hump after Rhino

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Swelling over the nasal dorsum is very common during the first few weeks. Check with you

surgeon, but gentle massage is sometimes reccomended.

Residual hump eight days after rhinoplasty

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It is very common to have some residual hump at this stage after rhinoplasty.  This should gradually go down over the next three months but can take as long as a year to fully resolve.  Make sure that you hold off on any revision for at least that long.

Kenneth L. Stein, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

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Residual hump after rhinoplasty.

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I understand you are worried that what you see is not going to get better and want an answer. The best person who can answer your question is the surgeon who did the work. The rest of us have very little information except one view of your nose. I think that you have some swelling, but it is also possible that there is some residual bony hump that could be taken care of if it is still present after a few months. The hump seems to be better anyway, so give it some more time and talk to your surgeon. Good luck.

Early residual hump is swelling

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The nasal skin takes time to shrink.  As a man, your skin is a little thicker than many women's', and so will take a little longer to flatten over the reduced skeleton.

Your surgeon has done a nice job; I predict that you will see progressive improvement and that your bump will be much better even in a month.

Good luck.

Mark B. Constantian, MD, FACS
Nashua Plastic Surgeon

Hump after resection

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This looks like it is minor enough that it should resolve as the swelling goes down.  Infortunately it is too soon to tell.  If this hump is still there after about 3 months or so..then it may not go down that much more.  Just let your surgeon be aware of this issue for you and he or she can follow this along with you.

Good luck

Dr. V- South Shore Plastic Surgery

Rhinoplasty for Dorsal Hump

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Dear jsquared in Stuart, FL:

At 8 days after a rhinoplasty the residual dorsal hump you have may certainly be due to swelling. It is not possible to tell from a photograph, but your surgeon should be able to provide more insight. Give it a month, time is on your side. If it is still present at 3 months, it is likely to persist.

Joseph Mele, MD
Walnut Creek Plastic Surgeon
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Hump after rhinoplasty

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Swelling on the nasal dorsum is not uncommon. If this occurs in my patients, massage often cures it. Remember you are still swollen and need a lot more time. Your surgeon may want to retape the nose to apply pressure to the swelling

David A. Bray, Sr., MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

Swelling can mask your rhinoplasty result

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While I can certainly empathize with your concern over whether the dorsal hump has been corrected, it's only been a few days since your surgery. 

Swelling following rhinoplasty takes months to resolve, with the last 15 - 20% taking up to a year to dissipate completely.  Additionally, it takes time for the soft-tissue skin envelope to contract down and re-drape over a dorsum that has been reduced.  Give your nose some time to recover and don't be too quick to judge your results. 

In the meantime, try to get back to your regular routine and remain active.  Make sure you follow-up with your surgeon and discuss your concerns.

Michael G. Brandt, MD
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon


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85% of the swelling should go down within the first 3 - 4 weeks and the remaining will subside over the remainder  of the year.  Give it a little time and have your doctor examine it on your next followup.

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