My Nose is Thick or Large, What Can I Do To Make It More Proportional?

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Your posted photos are missing the important side view. The photos do show thick nasal skin, a round prominent tip and a wide left to right outer nostril rim distance. The usual treatment is removal of a sliver of skin on the inner outer nostril rim, trimming of the tip cartilages and possibly graft of the lower tip to further decrease the roundness. Given that you are male I do not think an infracture or narrowing of the upper third of the bridge is necessary.  Other options may be available to you but without a side view or face to face examination that is hard to say.

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Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Palm Beach Ethnic Rhinoplasty

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While ethnic noses with thick skin can be a challenge for improvement, rhinoplasty is commonly performed on ethnic noses. It is important to see a qualified surgeon and discuss your cosmetic goals in detail to be sure both of you are on the same page as to what you would like to acheive with surgery. i would also recommend viewing lots of before and after photos of the surgeon so that your are comfortable with your surgeon's aesthetic goals as well. Ethnic noses with thick skin can be improved not only by reducing the underlying bone and cartilage to reduce the size but also by reshaping the underlying tissues to give more definition and structure to the nose. the overall goal should not specifically be a smaller nose but a nose that is more balanced with your facial features.

Anita Mandal, MD
Palm Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon

My nose is too large

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You present with a common question regarding issues with ethnic noses.  Generally, your type of nose will have quite thick skin as well as large cartilage in the tip.  It is entirely possible to reduce the size of your nose to make it more pleasing to you.  It will require altering the cartilage of the tip, possibly narrowing the openings of your nose, and also maybe carefully defatting the skin on the tip.  Please see a board certified plastic surgeon to ask your questions.  Prepare your questions ahead of time so that you don't forget them!  Good luck!

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