How much does Voluma cost?

What is the average price to get voluma for cheeks?

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Prices vary, but we charge $900 per 1 ml syringe at our practice

At our practice, we charge $900 per 1 ml syringe. We will usually discount additional syringes by $50 if multiple syringes are needed. We also provide Liquid Lift packages with Voluma, Juvederm and Botox and can be customized to meet your specific needs. Our goal is to enhance your features and create a more youthful appearance without looking "overdone."

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How Much Does Voluma Cost?

The cost of Voluma is double any other HA filler but the FDA duration is 2 years!  The cost varies based on where in the country you are in and who is the injector.  We love to use micro-cannulas for most Voluma injections because it leaves no bruising.  It technically takes more time but the result is so beautiful.  In our practice, we don't charge any extra for using micro-cannulas.  We also give discounts for more than one syringe of Voluma.

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How much does Voluma cost

Thank you for your question. Voluma prices vary based on geographical location and the experience of the injector. As Voluma is one of the newer HA fillers (hyaluronic acid), be sure to do your research on your injector.  A more viscous gel than Juvederm, Voluma is currently indicated to help restore volume in a patient's mid-face and lift the surrounding tissues, adding two nice effects WITHOUT making ones face look wide or "chubby."  As the gel is thick, reports have effects lasting for over two years for patients.  Prices in Atlanta vary, from approximately 850 to 1200/syringe with discounts off either the first or second syringes based on the plastic surgery or dermatology office.  As always find a physician with whom you communicate well, and can voice your desired expectations to have the best result.

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Voluma - cost depends on a number of factors

The cost of voluma will depend on:
1) how many syringes you need (can vary from 1 syringe to 6 syringes)
2) the experience of the injector 
3) the location (think NYC versus a small town)

Even more important than the product (eg Voluma versus Restylane Lyft) is the skill of the injector.  Realize that injecting is an art, and it requires a good eye, a substantial knowledge base, an ability to communicate, and a trained hand.  A good injector will be able to evaluate your face, and let you know what procedures will work the best to enhance your natural features.   A good injector will also be able to take you through any complications.

I encourage you to consider paying a premium for an experienced injector, just as you are willing to pay a premium for a really good haircut.

Voluma Price

Pricing for Voluma can vary usually anywhere from $800-$1,000 per syringe. Normally, at least 2 syringes will be needed and that should still give you a noticeable, yet natural result. The number of syringes needed will vary from person to person and your injector can determine the amount that is right for you and if you are a good candidate for Voluma. The price is not necessarily indicative of an injector's experience, so make sure you find someone that has experience with the product.

Voluma cost

As people age, the cheek area loses volume, making the cheeks flatten out and the skin droop and sag. Voluma is a hyaluronic acid filler that is approved to temporarily correct age-related volume loss in the cheek area. It instantly provides smooth, natural-looking results that last up to two years with optimal correction. Most of my patients have been very happy with their results using Voluma, even given the higher cost for this filler.  The average cost for Voluma will range from about $700 -$1000 per syringe.

How much does Voluma cost?

The short answer is on average $750.00 to $1,000 and this depends greatly on where you are and how many syringes are used (often there is a multiple syringe discount). That being said, don't try to price shop for any filler or surgical treatment. Voluma injections, in particular, are very "technical" and if injected in the correct place and with the correct technique powerful correction can be obtained with small volumes of product.
Be sure to consult with an experienced injector to get the biggest effect for your money. A good injector chooses filler as an artist a brush. Each filler is chosen to achieve a particular effect and many are used together to achieve a beautiful AND NATURAL result. Best wishes. 

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Voluma cost

The cost of voluma varies widely across the country and even in South Florida. The average price in the area is $1000/syringe. As a diamond level injector with Allergan, we can offer voluma for $750 for the first syringe of voluma, and two syringes of voluma for $1100.

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How Much Does Voluma Cost? Buyer Beware!

Voluma (Allergan, Irvine,CA) is a revolutionary facial filler that has just been FDA approved for use in the U.S. Voluma has been used outside of the US for many years. Voluma is the longest lasting hyaluronic acid filler, lasting up to 2 years. It is an enhanced form of Juvederm, an injectable filler that we have been using for years.

The most pressing question about Voluma is, “How much does Voluma cost?” The answer to this question is complex.

At Persky Sunder Facial Plastic Surgery the cost of Voluma varies depending on how much the patient needs. Both Dr. Persky and Dr. Sunder are Master Injectors of Voluma, having completed the de Maio Master’s Voluma Technique Course taught by the brillant Mauricio de Maio, MD, Sao Paulo, Brazil, a renowned plastic surgeon and expert Voluma pioneer injector. Dr. Sunder and Dr. Persky were privileged to be included in the group of only 30 US facial filler injectors to be recently trained by Dr. de Maio.

The FDA approval studies on Voluma concluding that Voluma lasts up to 2 years was based on the trial US physicians injecting an average of 5 to 6 syringes of Voluma. 5 to 6 vials of Voluma is a very expensive proposition. Dr. Persky and Dr. Sunder (as well as our patients) have benefited from de Maio’s Advanced Master techniques by becoming experts in where to inject Voluma to get the “biggest bang for the buck.” Dr. de Maio, and now Dr. Persky and Dr. Sunder are consistently able to get the same or even better facial aesthetic rejuvenation with 1 to 2 syringes of Voluma, rather than having to use 5 to 6 syringes. Therefore our patients benefit not only from a natural facial rejuvenation of their cheeks, eyes, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, jowls, and jawlines, but they are able to achieve those results with less expense.In order to achieve these dramatic results with less Voluma, all patients undergo a comprehensive beauty analysis by our physicians. It is the beauty evaluation, technical injection skills, and most importantly artistic vision of Drs. Persky and Sunder that results in very high patient satisfaction and natural aesthetic results.

The cost of Voluma at Persky Sunder Facial Plastic Surgery varies from $1200 to $800 per syringe depending upon how much volume the patient needs over a year’s time. The first syringe of Voluma is $1200, each syringe used at the same injection session or over the next few month's time is $50 to $100 less.

Voluma lasts up to 2 years. As with all aesthetic procedures involving the face, it is most important to choose your physician most carefully. There will be plenty of clinics offering Voluma at discounted prices, injected by non-physicians and even untrained, inexperienced physicians, both of whom may lack the artistic vision to insure excellent, natural results. Unfortunately we will be seeing more “Housewives of Beverly Hills, Housewives of Miami, etc.” cheeks and lips on a stick" unnatural results from improper Voluma injection techniques.

Buyer beware!  Choose your injecting physician most carefully.  Good luck and be well.

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Voluma costs

Each practice will charge a slightly different price for Voluma. You will see ranges from $700 -1,200. We charge $999 per syringe.  Cheek augmentation is an advanced technique for filler injection. Make sure you go to somebody that has a tremendous amount of experience in this area as you're making a big investment.

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