After Deviated Septum, Splint Removal, What is the Proper Way to Use Nasal Spray?

I was not shown/told how to do the saline spray and figured it was much like any other nasal spray. I sprayed it once up my nose and went harder than I thought snorting wise. :( It has been a week since surgery. Is there a way to tell if I messed up the packing? I wish my doc had gone over the proper way to do the saline sprays. Please confirm the right way is to put head to side and simply squeeze the bottle... not to snort!

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Correct Way to Use Nasal Spray Post Rhinoplasty

You do not need to snort, simply squeeze the bottle to spray the saline in the nostrils. The packing was removed previously, or your surgeon would not have you use the saline. You have done no harm.

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Saline spray use

Saline spray in the postoperative period is generally intended to loosen crusts, dried blood, and other buildup inside the nose.  It is not necessary nor advised to forcefully sniff inward when snorting the saline.  Gently spraying the solution into the nose with the misting tip applicator provided on most commercial saline bottles will accomplish the purposes of cleansing the nose and breaking up obstructive dried mucous and blood.

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Proper way to use saline nose spray after rhinoplasty.

Since you are now 1 week after nose surgery, your nasal packing has been removed (though you might still have internal splints if you had septal surgery), so if you could snort while spraying, your packs were already gone and could NOT have been "messed up."

I remove nasal packs depending on the amount and type of internal nasal surgery my patients require (septum and turbinates), and they are always gone by the 5th post-op day. If septal work requires internal splints, they are left in place (not visible) for 2-3 weeks. Saline mist is recommended immediately after packing or rhino rockets are removed whether splints are used or not. I allow gentle sniffing in while spraying, but a vigorous snort or any kind (even mild) of nose BLOWING is absolutely forbidden, as this could drive bacteria up into incompletely-healed tissues. Nose blowing is allowed 3 weeks after normal healing, longer if there are any concerns at all.

You can probably relax and not worry here, but give your surgeon's office a call and have your concern addressed. Then, follow those directions! Best wishes!

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Nasal spray

I inform my patients to gently spray the nasal spray and not snort per se.  This is done to soften the mucous inside and improve the breathing temporarily. 

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After Deviated Septum, Splint Removal, What is the Proper Way to Use Nasal Spray?

You really need to ask your Rhinoplasty Surgeon for specific post op instructions including the use of saline nasal sprays.  

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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