Will Pregnancy Affect Rhinoplasty Swelling & Healing Process? (photo)

I had revision rhinoplasty about 6 months ago, my nose has remained very swollen, and I was patiently waiting and then found out I am pregnant in August! I did get a topical steroid injection once before I found out I was pregnant. My question is, will the pregnancy now permanently affect the healing and size of the nose? Or do I just have to wait longer? Is it safe to receive steroid injection to nose while pregnant? Thank you so much.

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Pregnancy and rhinoplasty healing

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Congratulations!  PRegnancy should not impact the final result of your rhinoplasty.  Good luck with your pregnancy.

Affect of pregnancy on rhinoplasty swelling and healing process

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It is important not to have any further steroid injections while you are pregnant.  The pregnancy itself will probably lead to a slower healing process on the revision rhinoplasty just due to fluid retention in all of the tissues in the body including the nose.  This will all settle out after the pregnancy has been completed.

Pregnancy and Rhinoplasty

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Pregnancy will not adversely affect rhinoplasty swelling or healing long term. It may contribute to early post operative swelling if the rhinoplasty has been within six months of the pregnancy. Certainly, it will not change the final result or the healing process long term. I certainly would not recommend steroid injections to the nose during pregnancy as I would rarely recommend a steroid injection to the nose if you were not pregnant.

Rod J. Rohrich, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

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Pregnancy and rhinoplasty swelling

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Hi CSrhino,

Congratulations! Generally, pregnancy should not affect the long-term results of your rhinoplasty. However, pregnancy may worsen or prolong nasal swelling and congestion. You cannot receive the steroid injections while pregnant or breast feeding. Speak with your rhinoplasty surgeon regarding other techniques to reduce nasal swelling, such as gentle massage or reducing salt in your diet. Best of luck.

Dr. Chaboki


Will Pregnancy Affect Rhinoplasty Swelling & Healing Process?

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Absolutely.  All bets are off during pregenancy which increases bllod volume and does cause swelling of the nose and face.  Wait and see what your nose looks like (from your Rhinoplasty) after you deliver and finish breast feeding.

Pregnancy and nasal healing following a secondary rhinoplasty

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There should be no long term impact of pregnancy on the healing and final outcome of appearance of your nose. I would definitely not seek or get any steroid injection while you are pregnant.

Pregnancy will not affect rhinoplasty

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One of the signs of pregnancy is nasal congestion or stuffiness. However, pregnancy will not affect your rhinoplasty result, or how it heals. The steroid injections are out, for now.

Best of luck,


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