Can a Moderate to Severe Nasal Valve Collapse Cause Chronic Sinus Infections?

Just wondering if a moderate to severe nasal valve collapse can cause chronic infections, as i've been told i have an external nasal vavle collapse and keep getting one infection after another. On avelox rt now after allergist did rhinoprobe and found infection in sinuses. Problem is i keep having chronic infections that start in sinuses and go down into lungs. Also have slightly deviated septum. Thanks for all responses.

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Can a Moderate to Severe Nasal Valve Collapse Cause Chronic Sinus Infections?

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IMHO, no.  You shouod be seen by an ENT surgeon and have a CT scan to evaluate the sinuses and the sinus openings.  Nasal valve collapse can affect the sound of the voice and nasal airway, not the sinuses IMO.  

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Nasal valve collapse and sinus infections

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With significant nasal valve collapse and septal deviation the airlfow can be affect such that the nasal skin lining function is hampered. This can contribute to recurrent infections. You would probably also want to have your sinuses themselves examined, including a sinus CT scan to see if there are anatomic explanations for your recurrent symptoms there.

Surgery to correct the valve collapse and septal deviation would certainly be expected to improve nasal airflow as well.

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Chronic Sinus Infections Secondary to Nasal Valve Collapse

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Nasal valve collapse and allergies will compromise nasal airflow and sinus aeration which can lead to sinus congestion and chronic infections. Septal and sinus surgery may be necessary to correct the anatomic problems causing the chronic infections.

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Nasal Valve Collapse and Chronic Sinus Infections

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A nasal valve collapse in either your primary or secondary rhinoplasty does not usually contribute to nasal sinus infections as the sinus openings are much lower and do not usually cause an obstruction. If you have a deviated septum or a large turbinate that may interfere with a potential for sinus nasal polyps or sinus infections.

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Nasal valve collapse

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Hi gmann43,

Technically, nasal valve collapse does not cause sinus infections, as they are anatomically different areas of the nose. However, many patients with a small or narrow nasal valve or deviated septum will commonly complain of "sinus problems".  Without a comprehensive evaluation, including a CT scan, one cannot determine the specific reasons for your symptoms. Rhinoplasty with external valve repair and septoplasty for a deviated septum may help alleviate your symptoms, with or without actual sinus surgery. Speak with a specialist in your area. Best of luck.

Dr. Chaboki


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