Can a 16 Year Old Girl Get a Rhinoplasty?

i am 15 years old right now and for a long time i havee hated my nose and i was wondering if i could get something done to change it when i turn 16 this summer. what do you think i should change to make it fit my face more. i kind of just dont like the tip it is over projected. doesnt fit my face at all. about how much would this cost?

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Can a 16 Year Old Girl Get a Rhinoplasty?

  Please share this answer with your parents.  IMHO, a 15 or 16 year old girl that is mature enough to understand that Rhinoplasty is a surgery and who has the support and consent of her parents could undergo a Rhinoplasty.  be sure yoiur Rhinoplasty Surgeon understands and follows the proper aesthetics of facial (and nasal) beauty for the creation of a naturally, more attractive nose.  

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Rhinoplasty at Age 16

Having surgery at any age depends on two things. The anatomic problem evident that can be reasonable changed and the mental maturity to have it done. You also never want to operate on anatomy that is in a growth phase. Usually at age 16 your nose should be developed enough to be safely operated upon. Being a minor you will need your parents permission and they should be in full agreement. As to what needs to be done to improve your nose you will need to submit better photos including side views. Your best bet is to see a qualified surgeon who has a lot of experience in performing rhinoplasties.

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A 16 year old girl can definitely get a rhionoplasty provided that she has reached adult size and is given permission by her parents.

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Teenage Rhinoplasty; what is the appropriate age for a young Rhinoplasty patient?

The appropriate Age to go ahead with Rhinoplasty surgery is determined by the ongoing facial growth. The concern is that the nasal septum and bones have gone through the growth spurt that is associated with the middle teen years. If the surgery is performed before the completion of the growth spurt, then there is a real possibility that your results will be negatively affected by further unexpected growth. For most girls, the growth spurt is complete by age 16. For boys the growth spurt starts and ends a bit later, usually by age 18. Your photo supports your concerns. Usually, by the time you get to see a plastic surgeon, you know exactly what you would like to be different with your nose. Discuss those concerns with him/her and find out what options there are for you.

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Despite the limited view of your posted photo I think it does get your point across. Since you are still a minor you will need parent approval and consent for surgery. I can't see why you could not have surgery at the age of 16. The issue is if you are too young at the time of surgery the surgery will make a nose proportional to your face at that time. When you get older the proportions then change so much that the nose no longer fits your facial proportions and its correction may not then be possible. That is why we like to wait for skeletal maturity before doing the surgery. In most females that occurs by the age of 16.

Your posted photo though is so limited in view that there is no way to know what specific changes would make it more closely fit your facial proportions.

My response to your question/post does not represent formal medical advice or constitute a doctor patient relationship. You need to consult with i.e. personally see a board certified plastic surgeon in order to receive a formal evaluation and develop a doctor patient relationship.

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Rhinoplasty for 16 Year Old Girl

A 16 year old girl can get a rhinoplasty if she is physically mature and has her parents permission. Over the years I have done many rhinoplasties on young ladies like yourself. After seeing 1 picture I cannot  not make any recommendations for your nose; go to my website for directions on how to take nasal pictures and then submit them to this forum.

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Getting rhinoplasty when 16

It's usually okay to go ahead with rhinoplasty in females when they're about 14-16 depending on their facial and emotional maturity.

It's difficult to say what exactly should be done to your nose to make it fit your face better without seeing more of your face. Your concern of tip overprojection is certainly one area that can be addressed with surgery. It may also be possible to refine your tip cartilages as well.

Rhinoplasty costs vary quite a bit depending on surgery complexity, your surgeon's experience and regional price differences.

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Rhinoplasty for young girls.

In general, I have done young girls at 14 years of age and above for the past 35 years without a problem. Choose quality and don't shop price!

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How young can you be to have a rhinoplasty?

For a woman, 16 is generally considered the age at which you can have a rhinoplasty.  For men, 18 is the general rule.  There are a number of important considerations with regards to this.  There are two basic things that need to be looked at when deciding if this is appropriate.  The first is if the growing process is mature, and the second is if the personality is mature.  These things can only be determined in a consultation.  Finally, of course, the patient needs to have a condition which is reasonably addressed by a rhinoplasty.

You are certainly ready to make some consultation appointments and begin the process.

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Teenage Rhinoplasty- Plastic Surgery Questions Answered

Yes, you can have a Rhinoplasty at 16.  Make sure to involve your parents and/or family members in this big decision.

How exciting- turning 16 and a new look. It is hard to tell from just one picture what aesthetically you should do to your nose so that it “fits better with your face”. At a consultation, your plastic surgeon may take measurements and photos. Together you will come up with a plan to reshape your nose so that it has balance and symmetry with your other facial features. I will tell you that smoothing out a hump or bump, shortening the length and refining the tip are the most common changes made through having a Rhinoplasty. Make sure to bring a parent or relative with you to your consult and to meet your surgeon. Plastic surgery is a big decision, especially for a teenager.  The results you receive should last a lifetime so make sure to do your research and be very clear with your surgeon with the look you want to achieve. 

Regarding cost of a Rhinoplasty- prices vary depending on the complexity of the surgery. Although I’m sure cost is very important to you, it should not be your highest priority. Making sure you choose the right plastic surgeon to safely deliver your ideal results should be.


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