Depressor Septi Muscle Cut. Will the Distance Between my Nose and Upper Lip Go Back to Normal?

Hi, I had closed rhinoplasty 8 days ago. My depressor septi muscle was cut because it was pulling my nose down while speaking. While I am aware that my smile should return to normal after about a month, I am most concerned about the length from the base of my nose to my upper lip. I did lift my columella, but I still feel the length is very long. When my depressor septi muscle heals and I get my smile back, will it also shorten the nose to lip distance? Thank you.

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Lip Length after Cutting Depressor Septi Muscle

The top of your upper lip and the base of your nose do connect. If you had the depressor septi muscle cut during your rhinoplasty, this would not cause lengthening of your upper lip. However, lifting the columella, as you describe, could have this effect. The normal temporary post-op swelling may give this illusion, but that is transient. Give yourself some time - you're only 8 days after surgery.

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Depressor Septi Muscle Cut. Will the Distance Between my Nose and Upper Lip Go Back to Normal?

The appearance of an increased distance between the base, of the nose and the upper lip is most likely realted to the degree of nasal tip upward rotation IMHO.  Allow yourself several months for the inital pos Rhinoplasty swelling to settle before making any decisions.  As always, it's best to discuss this with your Rhinoplasty Surgeon.

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Lip length after rhinoplasty

It is too early to evaluate your result.  The most likely outcome is that the distance will shorten as swelling resolves and internal scarring matures.  If the anterior nasal spine was cut and the length does not improve you may need a small revision.  Wait 6 months and then decide.

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more than likely some function will return. This procrdure is often dsone for patients who's nasal tip is pulled down when smiling. The final results are a little unpredictable but, good support to the nasal tip really helps

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Depressor septi cut

As your smile and lip function return the visible length of lip seen will decrease. However it's likely that this was done to elevate the tip and purposefully increase the amount of visible upper lip show and you are just reacting to this change. Be patient.

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Depressor septi cut in rhinoplasty.

Depressor septi cut in rhinoplasty may cause the distance of the subnasal unit to return to normal or not depending what was done. Ask your surgeon since he knows what he did.

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