Crooked Jaw Causing Nose to Slant to the Left. Can Rhinoplasty Disguise It?

Hi. I had upper & lower jaw surgery (lefort/bsso) in Feb. 2009 - septum somehow shifted & my nose slanted to the left -had septoplasty to straighten -Nose is still crooked. Left nostril is droopy, nose looks wider on left side -Right side is correct, more lifted looking, not as wide I saw a doctor about this. He discover by having me bite down on a tongue depressor, that my jaw is actually crooked. The stick wasn't level & slanted downward on my mouth's left side. Can a rhinoplasty help at all?

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Crooked Jaw Causing Nose to Slant to the Left. Can Rhinoplasty Disguise It?

No, IMHO, this sounds like an issue with occlusion issue related to your Le Forte surgery.  Rhinoplasty to straighten the nose will do just that and no will have zero effect on the mandibular asymmetry.  If you're looking for aesthetic, less invasive, ways to disguise this issue look to the lips and cheeks.  These two aesthetic facial features are able to do what you are seeking, IMO.

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Crooked Jaw and Deviated Septum

Before considering a rhinoplasty evaluate your jaw position, dental occlusion and the results of your LeFort osteotomies with your maxillofacial surgeon. The nose can be corrected after the mandible and maxilla are properly aligned.

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Rhinoplasty Correction After Maxillary Surgery

Septal and nasal deformities as a result of a LeFort osteotomy are not rare. A LeFort I osteotomy has three potential adverse effects on the nose. The septum may become deviated afterwards, which you have experienced, as the floor of the nose is part of the upper jaw. This particularly occurs when the maxilla is impacted and the septum is not adequately shortened. The nostrils can flare afterwards as the paranasal muscles are disinserted and are not put back together at the time of intraoral mucosal closure. Finally, the tip of the nose can change due to the altered position of the anterior nasal spine and the columella. If you are accepting the base of the nose (position of the maxilla), there are various manuevers that can be done in a rhinoplasty procedure to make improvements in your concerns.

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Crooked nose after jaw surgery

You should be evaluated for  correction of the malaligned jaws since this is the most likely cause of your  nasal deformity.  After the jaws are corrected the nasal structures can be treated as needed.  The upper jaw is the base of the nose.   Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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