Normal For Swelling And Widening After Removing Splint?

Hello! when i removed the splint efter surgery the nose was thin and nice . now , one day after the bridge is alot wider . is this most likely swelling? or is it possible that the splint was pressen the nose togheter so it loke thiner than it Will be right after the splint was off removed a little bump and wanted the nose møre narrow. thanks for answers :)

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Normal For Swelling And Widening After Removing Splint?

Yes, this happens frequently after removing the cast or splint after a Rhinoplasty.  I use the cast (splint) to stabilize the nasal bones, when fractured and/or to control swelling after the Rhinoplasty.  The cast is stiff which does limit the post Rhinoplasty swelling.  However, once the cast is removed, at 1 week post op, the nasal tissues are free to swell any and whatever way they like.  I always tell my patients that this will happen and then at 1 month post op show them how to perform manual lymphatic drainage, on their nose, to eliminate this swelling.

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Nose will swell after the splint is removed after rhinoplasty.

After the surgery, the nose  is not very swollen and the cast not only immobilizes the nasal bones ( if they were fractured) but it also compresses the skin to prevent swelling.  Once the cast comes off,  the swelling will get worse but should go away within 3 weeks. 

Philip J. Miller, MD, FACS
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Swelling after splint removal

Nasal splints are applied to the nasal dorsum to protect the nose and also to prevent excessive nasal swelling. It is very normal to have swelling over the nasal dorsum after splint is removed. This swelling will subside shortly. Good luck and good healing. Dr. Kevin Sadati

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Post-op rhinoplasty

If the nose looked good after the splint was removed, then what you are likley seeing is post-op swelling.  Give it time to improve.

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Swelling after splint

It is very normal for the nose to swell more after the splint is removed. It will return to the initial size you saw when it was first removed.

Michael L. Schwartz, MD
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Swelling post removal of splint from rhinoplasty

it is normal for there to be increased swelling after the splint is removed. do not over exercise or anything strenuous, and you should see it go down. if not improved you should return to your surgeon.

Rick Rosen, MD
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