How to Fix Deep Chest Scar from Mole Removal?

Hi, I have a three year old scar in the chest. I got the scar when my mole was removed three years ago, but the cut was deeper than the usual because the doctor wanted to check if it's cancer related.

It's benign but the scar is ugly since I didn't follow-up with the doctor. Now I realized I cannot wear v-neck clothes. I want to wear it, so I am so upset because I am scared. I will have this scar all my life. If anyone or expert knows which way I can try to get rid of the scar? Thanks a lot!

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Chest scars from mole removal can be improved with scar revision

Chest scars rarely require surgery. I would recommend pulsed dye laser, IIT, and pressure treatment in a regimented fashion. 

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Chest scar treatments

There are various scar treatment options, but the best option requires a consultation and careful analysis by your dermatologist or plastic surgeon. A cortisone injection may be considered if the scar is thick, a scar revision if the scar is wide, or laser if the skin is red or discolored. Don't give up hope, see your doctor to discuss your options as there often many options, of various degrees of effectiveness, discomfort, downtime, and cost.

Benjamin Barankin, MD, FRCPC
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