Hot Water and Pressure to Reduce a Keloid?

If I apply hot water and pressure to a developing keloid scar, will it reduce the scar?

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Non surgical treatment of keloid scars

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Keloids should be treated early and aggressively.  Pressure treatment is recommended using specific protocols, however, hot water may elicit a histamine response that has not shown to modulate keloids. Surgery90210 Karamanoukian

Keloid scar and treatment

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If you have a developing keloid, there are many different ways to treat it.  I have never heard of hot water.  Some treatments include steroid injections, topical silicone sheeting, pressure dressings,. surgical excision, and radiation to name a few.

Hot water and pressure for keloid reduction, unlikely to work

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If this is a developing keloid scar as you mentioned, then your best bet will be to see a plastic surgeon or dermatologist who can properly identify the nature of your scar and begin on a plan of action to reduce the keloid.

There are a few different, effective ways to treat keloids, including steroid injections, silicone or silastic sheets, excision, radiation to name a few.

Please seek the care of a specialist who can help you in this early phase.

Good Luck!

Dr. B.

Hot water and pressure to reduce a keloid?

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There are many ineffective and partially effective treatments for Keloids. There NO uniformly completely effective Keloid treatments.

If your scar is indeed a keloid, I would see a Dermatologist or a Plastic surgeon who may want to inject it with corticosteroids / possible radiate it and treat it with silicone sheeting and pressure.


Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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