Can All of the Subcutaneous Fat Be Removed Via Liposuction ?

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100 % fat free

remove all the fat in a lipoesculture is not possible, because, your body need some subcutaneous fat for your own protection,

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Interesting question. Logically why not. Anatomically between our skin and important stuff our fat has two layers the bottom layer is amenable to being removed with liposuction without leaving surface changes. Only high definition liposuction in which you are trying to etch anatomical areas like six packs should venture into the top layer

Can All of the Subcutaneous Fat Be Removed Via Liposuction?

Thank you for your question. Theoretically, nearly all of he Subcutaneous fat could be removed, but is not recommended. This would cause the skin to adhere to the muscle, and there would be no cushion for the muscles.  A little fat is a good thing. I hope this helps.

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All subcutaneous fat removed by lipo?

Its not possible to remove all the fat. There is superficial and deep fat that is separated by a thin septa. Liposuction target only the superficial fat, while the deep fat is left behind. Any attempt to remove the deep fat will cause uneven lumpiness that is hard to correct. There is also visceral fat which is the fat that surrounds intestines.and other organs. This fat is only influenced by diet and exercise.

Most Subcutaneous Fat Removed

No, most of the subcutaneous fat can be removed, but it is actually best to leave a small layer to provide smooth and even results.

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Can All of the Subcutaneous Fat Be Removed Via Liposuction ?

       Nearly all of the subcutaneous fat can be removed in a particular area, but this is generally not recommended due to issues of contour deformities.  Liposuction results are highly surgeon dependent.  Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of liposuction procedures each year.  Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.

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Can 100% of Fat be Removed?

Never!  About 20 % of your fat needs to stay under the skin for a beautiful smooth surface.  If all the fat is remove you end up with a shriveled up skin graft appearance that is awful and unattractive.   Amazingly enough I have seen some poor patients who have had this 100% liposuction.   I saw a 75 year old lady who needed a facelift.  She was liposuctioned by a doctor that did liposuction but not facelifts.  This doctor ruined her appearance by suctioning all of her neck fat away.  How awful.   There is little if any way to mend such a mess.   So beware.  Choose an ABPS surgeon that does much liposuction and has vast experience.   Then you will be fine.   My Best, Dr C

Sculpting not complete removal

All of the fat should not be removed by liposuction/liposculpture.  This would create skin texture irregularities. 

Is it OK to remove all the subcutaneous fat with liposuction?

No. We need a layer of fat under our skin to provide cushioning between the skin and the muscle. About 80 to 85% of the subcutaneous fat is generally removed during a liposuction. It would look terrible to have no fat under the skin.

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