Is Liposculpture Safe and Effective for the Areas I'm Considering? (photo)

I'm in my 60's, slender & considering liposuction for areas where I've always had excess fat - abdomen, waist, hips, buttocks. I'd like to redistribute that fat through liposculpture to my face, hands, breasts & to create a better butt. In the hands of a good cosmetic surgeon, is liposculpture effective to redistribute fat to each of these areas? How long might it last? Is it safe? My lower legs are very thin. Can I gain fat in my calves after removing fat cells from those other areas?

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We Move Fat

Your photo seems to show excess abdominal fat. This can be removed and then used to reshape deficient areas as you mentioned. Liposculpturing the breast, buttocks, hands, and face is too much because of the fat requirement. This is mainly regarding the buttocks and breast. You should pick 2-3 of the areas that interest you the most and discuss them during a in-person consultation. Along with decreasing the size of your problem areas, sculpting your hands and face may be the most satisfying procedures for you. 

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Liposculpture or Fat Transfer Effective for Contouring Body & Face

Thank you for your question. Unfortunately your photo does not effectively show your areas of concern.  In general fat transfer or liposculpture very effectively uses the fat removed via liposuction in an undesireable area and puts it to good use by tranferring it to an area that is deficient. The areas that benefit most from transfer of fat include the face, breast in some cases, buttocks, hands, calves and some traumatic deformities and depressed acne scars.  With proper technique, the procedure is very safe, effective and very long lasting.  The proportion of fat that survives is permanent.  The procedure does not stop the aging process, but significantly retards it.   Seek an in person consultation to determine how fat transfer can help you.  Good luck.

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Liposuction and fat transfer

Fat transfer is possible to multiple areas after liposuction is performed.  There is a limit what can be done in each operative setting.

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Fat Transfer to Face, Hands, Butt, and Breasts

           Liposuction to acquire enough fat to do these areas may leave you with loose skin in the harvest areas.   I have grafted all of those areas with fat, and it can be done.  Fat grafting to the breasts has been reserved in the past for breast reconstruction patients who had mastectomies.  Only recently has this been done for breast augmentation.  I typically only fat graft to the breasts in reconstruction cases, because long term data on the role of fat grafting to the breasts and its impact on breast cancer is currently unavailable.

Liposuction & Redistribution

Liposuction is absolutely a great way to get rid of stubborn fat. The areas you mentioned are perfect candidates for the procedure.


As for redistributing the fat to your hands, face, etc I can't say that I would recommend it. You'll receive different opinions from different surgeons, however. Some may advocate it. I find that adipose is difficult to work with, hard to maintain viable, and difficult to use artistically to achieve the results you're looking for. It can often look lumpy or distribute unevenly. 



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Your question has two parts:


fat grafts

When considering liposuction it is important to consider the elasticity of the overlying skin.  Skin elasticity can limit the results of the procedure.  Therefore this should be discussed with your surgeon.

Fat grafts can be beneficial in multiple areas.  Once again there are issues that must be considered thoroughly before fat grafting.  Ask your surgeon about these.  Also ask your surgeon about his/her experience and results from these procedures. 

Without knowing your medical history and examining you it is not possible to give a more detailed answer. 

Also make a point of discussing with your surgeon how much should be done in one procedure.

Paul Carniol, MD
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Is Liposculpture Safe and Effective for the Areas I'm Considering?

Yes lipo of any type is safe. But as for the large areas or # of areas for fat grafting you do not have enough to do ALL those areas correctly. Best to see in person a boarded PS who does fat grafts. 

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