How is DCF secured to the nose to prevent shifting? Too high, causes pressure on skin and problems? Eyelids now asymmetric.

How is the DCF secured to prevent it from shifting on the nasal bridge? My graft is pointing to the right side near my eye and feels sharp. Leaves a red bump on that one spot when I wear glasses. Bones have moved after an osteotomy could that be the reason the graft doesn't sit properly? What are options for correction as I received a sky scraper 8mm b/w my eyes instead of a subtle change (slight increase 4-6mm in height n alar base reduction )? Nose is wide at tip-due to spreader grafts.

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Placement of diced cartilage fascia (DCF) for dorsal augmentation during rhinoplasty

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Surgeons use different methods for securing the DCF.  I prefer to create a pocket along the bridge which is the exact size of the DCF to be placed, and by using percutaneous sutures to reinforce its position.  Accurate placement of the nasal splint is then necessary to maintain its shape and position.  

If the diced cartilage fascia graft is significantly out of position, then a revision rhinoplasty surgery is likely necessary to place in it the correct position.  

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I typically dissect the pocket for the graft to precisely fit and stabilize the graft, sometimes adding sutures to further stabilize it. If it remains out of position, there are several options for revision. An exam and discussion with a surgeon would be necessary to decide specifics.

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