Can a permanent bump form on the bridge of nose after a hard hit?

Three weeks ago, I fell and hit the bridge of my nose on a step. I had a small bruise where it was hit on the nasal bone and slight swelling. Once the swelling went down I noticed a bump where the bruise use to be. There was no bleeding and the only pain I felt was in the inside of my nose, under the bridge, on occasion but it wasn't that bad. The bump looks smaller than two weeks ago but is still the same size as last weekend. I have no idea if my nose was broken and I'm worried the bump is permanent.

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Nasal fracture

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it is entirely possible you fractured your nose. Nasal trauma can fracture the nasal bones, which are quite delicate. This can cause both functional and cosmetic deformities to the nose, which will need to be addressed. The only way to know is to have a physical examination. Usually X-rays are unnecessary. 

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Permanent bump on the nose from being hit hard

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Trauma to the nose can cause a displaced nasal fracture, a non-displaced nasal fracture, dislocation of the upper lateral cartilages off of the nasal bones, and twisting of nasal tip cartilages along with a deviated septum. Trauma to the bridge of the nose can also cause a callus formation which creates even larger bump at the bony cartilaginous junction. It is important to seek out examination by an ENT /facial plastic surgeon to evaluate and document the extent of the injury along with x-rays.  If the bump is still present after three months, surgery may be needed to remove it. For more information and many examples of dorsal hump removal, please see the link and the video  below

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Can a permanent bump form on the bridge of nose after a hard hit?

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Yes, it is possible to get a permanent bump on your nose after a fall.  This can occur from the blood there (hematoma) to broken bones and other issues as well.  On the other hand it is not only too early to tell, but you noted that it has been changing.  Swelling in the nose also takes a long time to resolve.  In the end I would recommend waiting and watching and I you want to do anything at all, then occasionally massage the area which may help any scar tissue in that area.  Good luck

Garrett A. Wirth, MD, MS, FACS

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Is Bump After Fall Permanent?

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Yes, you can definitely get a bump like you are describing after a hard fall or trauma. It is impossible to say without assessing you in person if it will be permanent, but it is mostly likely swelling. For now, be patient. If it is still there at the 6 week mark post fall then schedule an appointment with a board certified plastic surgery who specializes in rhinoplasty.


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Bump on nose

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The bump may be the induration, bruising and swelling consolidating and trying to heal.  I would try gentle massage to the area if it is not painful and giving it more time. 

If it is still there after 6-8 weeks this can be easily removed.  

Best of luck

Dr Rodman

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Bump after fall

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It is possible to develop a bump on your nose after trauma. However, it will take some time to determine whether this is permanent or temporary. There is something called a bony callus that can form and be permanent but most likely the majority of the bump you notice is more related to edema which may resolve. I would wait until six weeks after the injury to further assess this. If persistent, I would recommend you follow up with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon Board Certified in either Facial Plastcs or Plastic Surgery. 

Colin Pero, MD
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Bump after Nasal Trauma

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Injuring your nose can result in either temporary swelling or even a permanent bump depending on the degree of trauma.  Typically swelling may last 1-3 months.  An x-ray may help  determine if a fracture occurred, or if it is simply swelling from bleeding under the skin.  It may be wise to see a physician to document the injury, in the event that a surgical correction is necessary

J. Kevin Duplechain, MD, FACS
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