Crooked Smile 5 Months Post-Op Rhinoplasty, Will this Correct Itself?

Had rhinoplasty 5 months ago to thin my bridge and decrease nasal with. Healing is coming along well, however, when I smile, my nose tilts to the left side. In other words, the left side is longer than the right. What can I do to correct that, or should I just remain patient and it will eventuallly correct itself?

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Crooked smile after rhinoplasty

    It is hard to answer this without physical examination. Static deviation could occur when pre-operative assymetries of the plane of the face are not recognized. Dynamic assymetries can be exacerbated by above reasons. Also depending on the type of the base reduction that was performed you may have disruptions of the underlying musculature or scar tissue that tethers the movement. An evaluation in person is encouraged.

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Crooked smile after rhinoplasty

It is always best to see this in person to give a reasonable guess as to why this is occuring. It could be asymmetry at the base among several things. It is also helpful to know the exact procedurs that were performed.

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Crooked Smile 5 Months Post-Op Rhinoplasty, Will this Correct Itself?

 This may or may not change depending on what was specifically done, to your nose, during the Rhinoplasty.  Best to ask your Rhinoplasty Surgeon and always use a Rhinoplasty Surgeon that understands and follows the proper aesthetics of facial beauty.  

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Crooked Smile after Rhinoplasty


If you had your nostrils narrowed and you have a crooked smile at 5 months post-op, you may have some asymmetry of the nostrils from the narrowing. You may want to check out pre and post sub-nasal view of your nose.



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Ask your surgeon for possible causes. He may have deliberately cut muscles at the nasal base to prevent the tip from drooping when smiling. You need to wait for complete healing.

David A. Bray, Sr., MD
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Crooked smile 5 months after rhinoplasty.

Crooked smile 5 months after rhinoplasty may improve since the nose takes 6-12 months to show the final result. Do nothing until 1 year.

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