Does getting a tattoo over gynecomastia effect the tattoo?

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Tattoos and Gynecomastia

No, getting a tattoo over Gynecomastia should not interfere. However, surgicallly  treating the area for Gynecomastia  may affect the tattoo due to the altering of the tissue. As will most #laser treatments for contouring, various skin conditions, and hair removal due to the laser being absorbed by any pigmentation in the skin; such as tattoo ink. Both surgery and laser can distort the tattoo image. Therefore, if you are considering treatment options for #Gynecomastia, it is recommended  you treat the Gynecomastia prior to having any #tattoo work done on that area.  

Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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No, the tattoo won't make the gynecomastia worse. If you are considering surgery you should do the surgery first.

Tracy E. McCall, MD
Milwaukee Plastic Surgeon
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