Want to fill my chin with fat, but not sure if what i want is doable, help me please. (photos)

Hello.I want to fill my mental fold with fat, but i am very specific about results so i wanted to know if you, doctors, think if what i want is doable.I apologize for my very poor photoshop skills.Here are some pictures of my chin before photoshop/ after photoshop and 1 picture of another girl who's fold seems like a perfect desirable result to me.Thank you. P.S. Sorry for bad English, i hope you understood me.

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Labiomental groove filler

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What I would suggest is trying to achieve that goal first with HA fillers. If successful, you may want to continue just with that or go ahead and have fat injection when the filler resorbs.

New York Plastic Surgeon
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Want to fill my chin with fat, but not sure if what i want is doable, help me please. (photos)

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I for one think you look better with you lower lip as is. I think it makes your chin look too large and long with the crease removed. If you must try this, I would do it with HA fillers which will give you an idea of what it looks like before committing.

Fat looks blobby in the chin, it does not give enough localized projection.

Val Lambros, MD, FACS
Corona Del Mar Plastic Surgeon
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Chin Augmentation -- Voluma or Radiesse or Bellafill, combine with Sculptra; Fat Injections Help

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Fat can be used to contour the chin, so can fillers. I suggest seeing an expert for an evaluation.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Augmenting Chin with Fat

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Fat grafts can be injected into your mental crease but you may not achieve the morphed results because of the tightness and movement in this area. The other girl you used as an example has excellent chin projection which you will not achieve by injecting fat into the crease.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Labiomental Fold Fat Grafting

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While fat grafting may be able to push out the labiomental fold that much, the result would not be maintained due to the tightness of the tissues. It would likely require a second fat grafting sessions to get close to that result. The other option would be to fat inject the fold and place a dermal-fat graft intramurally on the bone behind the fold as a combination procedure to get the optimal push out on the fold as a single procedure.

Chin augmentation via fat graft

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Only a personal consultation can determine what is the best course of action.  However, you may benefit from dermal filler injections whose results are just temporary (4-6 months), allowing you to assess if you really like something permanent, something which fat graft and implant can accomplish. 

The beauty with dermal fillers, particularly those made in hyaluronic acids, is that they are reversible in case you're not satisfied with the results.  An injectable enzyme can dissolve them, returning your chin's previous appearance. 

I hope that helps and good luck.

Tarick K. Smiley, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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