Is gynecomastia revision surgery still more expensive if I had lipo on my chest for my original surgery?

I had pal lips done on my chest several months ago. I am not happy with the results. I want to know if revision gynecomastia surgery will be more expensive for me given that I didn't have any glandular tissue removed during my surgery? Thank you doctors

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About Gynecomastia Revision Surgery

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Typically, its best to wait at least one year following the initial surgery to consider a revision. It is imperative you select a plastic surgeon who is #board-certified and has a great deal of experience with male breast #reduction. Plastic surgeons who have specialized in breast surgery and cosmetic surgery are suitable to perform your procedure. Aside from checking board-certification, it is suggested that you look at before and after photos of the surgeons actual patients, and read patient reviews. Gathering all of this information will help you make a well-informed decision.

Please be advised that each patient is unique and previous results are not a guarantee for individual outcomes. As with all cosmetic surgery, results will be rewarding if expectations are realistic. With any surgical procedure, there are some risks which your doctor will discuss with you during your consultation.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons the average #cost of #gynecomastia surgery can vary widely. #Surgery quotes should include the procedure itself, operating room facilities, anesthesia fees, surgeon’s fees, medical tests, post-surgery garments, prescription medication and other related costs. Most plastic surgery offices offer convenient finance plans that allow patients to pay a low monthly payment.
Costs will also vary with geographic location.  Estimated costs can be found here on, or

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Thank you for your question and every practice is different.  That said I frequently do excisions on patients who have previously had liposuction elsewhere and we do not charge any differently.

Dr. Corbin

Frederic H. Corbin, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Cost of Gynecomastia Revision

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You will find that fees vary between surgeons, there are not any set fees. Gynecomastia revision surgery can be more challenging than the original surgery as liposuction leaves scar tissue behind. It is disappointing to need another surgery, but it is most important that you see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who specializes in gynecomastia, try to see two or three for an evaluation but remember, finding the least expensive may not be the best idea, you want the most experienced for a revision. Good luck.

Miguel Delgado, MD
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Gynecomastia Revision Surgery Costs

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Hi nickswano,
Thanks for the post. The cost of gynecomastia surgery depends on a few things:
1) Severity of the gynecomastia
2) Surgeon experience
3) Geography

In addition to these three, typically if the original surgeon performs the revision they are more likely to do it at a reduced cost as opposed to a new surgeon who will charge their customary price for a new patient.

Dr. Dadvand

Babak Dadvand, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Revision surgery for gynecomastia

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When you have revision surgery by another surgeon expect to pay full fare, which is probably close to what you paid the first time. Your original surgeon will probably do it for less.

Costs of surgery

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The charges depend on each different doctor and how much you need to have done. Well trained, qualified experienced plastic surgeons know that there is not one "cure all" for all problems. PAL and Laser Lipo are all different expensive machines that dont necesearily cure the issue -- sometimes just plain old lipo and excision of the breast mass is what is needed. Sounds like you need a second opinion with a board certified plastic surgeon who can asses what you need.

William B. Rosenblatt, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Is gynecomastia revision surgery still more expensive if I had lipo on my chest for my original surgery?

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Revision fees vary from office to office; typically the OR fee and anesthesia is quoted if the same procedure is being corrected or improved. This may not be the case if another procedure needs to be done. In that case, it depends on your discussions and agreement with your physician.

Why are you unhappy?
Do you see any improvement?
Is there one specific issue?
Do you need more work done or is there a correction of previous work?  
If a correction, what are reasonable expectations for the procedure?

I generally go the extra mile for my patients, but like all relationships it take communication and compromise n both parties.
Hope this helps

Andrew Kornstein, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Gynecomastia and surgery

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Gynecomastia surgery fees vary from surgeon to surgeon and likely if you go back to your surgeon, he will give you some sort of "break" for a second procedure. When I perform lipo of the chest on men, I always tell them that if we start out with lipo, they may need another procedure down the road to remove glandular tissue if the lipo was not adequate. This limits the incisions and in many cases, the excision is not needed.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Is gynecomastia revision surgery still more expensive if I had lipo on my chest for my original surgery?

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I am sorry to hear about your concerns after previous chest wall surgery. When it comes to cost of surgery, are many variables involved; much will depend on exactly what procedure is necessary. Choose your plastic surgeon carefully and communicate your goals carefully as well. Working together you will come up with the best plan to achieve your desired outcome. Best wishes.

Is gynecomastia revision surgery still more expensive if I had lipo on my chest for my original surgery?

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Thank you for your question, and I am sorry that your results were not what you anticipated following PAL.  Since liposuction tends to only address the surrounding fat of the male breast, and not the glandular tissue, oftentimes a direct excision of the remaining gland needs to be performed in order to obtain the best results.  Revision surgery will not be more expensive because of the previous lipo, but it may be more expensive simply because a more invasive, time-consuming procedure may be needed to help improve upon your results.  

Nelson Castillo, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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