Can You Still Do Fat Grafting if You Are Skinny?

Hi, I just recently was told fat grafting would be a great idea for chin augmentation since I do not have that bad of a chin and since fillers have worked for me in the past. However I am 5'6 and way about 110 pounds. Can I still use fat grafting even though I don't have much fat on me? If so where would the fat most likely be taken from? Thank you

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YES you have enough fat

I agree with Dr Fleming.  You do not need much fat , and the best areas are the inner thighs, taking a little but from multiple areas.   I have attached a youtube video of a very thin patient (105 pounds) who had breast fat transplantation-


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Dr del Vecchio

Boston Plastic Surgeon
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Fat Grafting for Skinny Patients

You are right, rachellem. You do have to have some fat to harvest in order to have a fat transfer. While most people have more fat than they would like, patients that have a very low percent body fat may not have as many donor site options. The most common sites that fat is harvested for transfer are those sites where it tends to accumulate, namely the abdomen, flanks and thighs. That being said, fat could potentially be harvested in most places of relative excess. For those patients that are truly "too thin," you risk creating a contour irregularity at the site of fat harvest. 

Ashley B. Robey, MD
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Fat Grafting in a Thin Patient

There is always some fat in a healthy thin person. You will not need a large amount of fat to achieve the desired result.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Can you still have fat grafting if you are thin?

It isn't impossible to harvest fat for facial fat grafting if you are skinny but it does make it harder to find enough fat. You would probably know best where your surgeon could find fat to liposuction.

You can read more about fat transfer at my web reference link below.

Thomas A. Lamperti, MD
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Fat grafting for the chin

If you are very skinny (e.g. long distance runner, or swimmer), sometimes it can be hard to find any locations to harvest enough fat for transfer. Often times, there are small pockets (even around the love-handle region or inner knees) that can be harvested.

For chin augmentation, I usually find that a small chin implant is a better solution to provide more consistent shape and definition than fat. You should definitely consider that option.

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-Dr. Jamil Asaria

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Jamil Asaria, MD
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Yes If....

Yes you can. Surgeons have different techniques for fat grafting. You should research their techqiues and make sure it allows for maximum fat survival. 

Roger Khouri, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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