Is a bump on the nose bridge unattractive for females?

I have a bump on the bridge of my nose and I really hate it. But idk if I'm just making it out to be worse than it is. Is any small convexity really distracting to the facial attractiveness of a female? I can't post a picture for safety reasons, but do all females look better with a slightly curved/straight bridge instead of one with a nasal hump?

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There is no all

Your nose should fit your face. There is no nose that looks good on everyone.  Some patients like straight I profiles and some want to preserve some of the bump, especially in some ethnicities.  I have attached link to a page on ethnic rhinoplasty.  

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Is a bump on the nose bridge unattractive for females?

This is really up to you as far as whether or not it is bothersome.  Any significant hump will usually require osteotomies to close an open roof. The frontal effect from this is usually subtle.

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