Puffy nipples after first day in the gym. Could you please advise if this is something I should worry about ?

Hello, 13 months after the surgery I`ve never felt better in my life. I had extremely good results and not even a memory for puffy nipples. Although I decided to start working out again after a really long pause (whole year ... ) and my nipples became puffy again. 2 weeks since my first day in the gym and no improvements are noticed ....  Thank you and sorry for my bad english

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Nipple swelling and exercise postop

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 Increased swelling with exercise is not uncommon after surgery but because you are out well out of the healing phase is best to schedule a follow-up examination with your surgeon To make sure everything has healed well.  

Puffiness After Gynecomastia Surgery

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It is very hard to know why you would have recurrent puffiness of the areolas a year after surgery if there was no problem until the workouts started. My best guess is that the workout caused a modest amount of swelling, however there is no way to know for certain without examining you. I would recommend that you see your original surgeon to assess what is causing the recurrent areola issues.

This will probably settle with time. nothing to worry about

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you almost certainly had an incision at the lower half of your areola. It is just some swelling related to exercising. don't worry about it. keep exercising. It may take even a few months for the swelling to go down. It is very unlikely to be anything that requires any treatment.

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