Had a lower facelift 5 weeks ago but still got a double chin and can't see my jaw line? (Photo)

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Facelift 5 Weeks Ago

It is best to discuss your concerns with your Surgeon, who knows your preoperative state and the extent of his/her procedure.  It is still early in the postoperative process, so expect to have some degree of swelling at this point. 

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Lower Facelift 5 week Post Op

Thank you for your question and pictures, please do not be hasty, you are still in the very early stages.  The healing process can take 3 months for swelling, bruising, irregularities etc to settle completely.  Your pictures isn't take clear but I would suggest neck liposuction would be the best way to get rid of fat deposits under the chin, ensuring when tightening the skin it give a smoother, contoured appearance.  Please make sure you can regular follow ups with your surgeon where you can express any concerns you may have.  All The Best 

Lower facelift

Thanks for your post. You are still in the healing phase of your procedure, and I would not judge anything until the 12 week mark at least. It looks like you may have a deposit of fatty tissue in your central neck/chin area that would respond well to a liposuction procedure. That would help define your neck and jawline better. The facelift procedure was likely still a great help to you though. I would just follow up with your surgeon. Best wishes.

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Face lift and jaw line

The jaw line cannot be completely improved with facelift alone unless liposuction is done to reduce the amount of fat along the jaw line.  Once recoveries completed about 6 months to a year you can opt to undergo a revision surgery that should include liposuction as well.


Dr. J

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Swelling post facelift

Hi - at 5 weeks you will expect to still have some post operative swelling following your facelift. This will take several weeks further to resolve. If you are still unhappy then you could consider noninvasive liposuction or Kybella injections to improve the contour of the neck. 

Good luck

Still early

So don't worry, 5 weeks is very early for this kind of surgery. 

The other thing to bear i mind is that even supermodels have double chins with their heads in certain positions. Don't worry about the effect right now. Things will improve and if not, there are a number of things like kybella or liposuction that can help your jaw definition that aren't repeat surgery as such.

Hope that helps. 

Adam Goodwin

Still early

You are still early in your recovery.  Its best to wait longer to see your final result.  However, if you are still not happy with the definition of your neck, its possible you might need further surgical procedures.  I would not consider a non invasive alternative unless you were evaluated for a personal consultation.  Its possible more platysmal work or sub platysmal work might be helpful if not originally done, and it would be surgical if needed.

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Face lift recovery

You are still healing from your procedure. maintain a garment on your neck to reduce swelling. Discuss your concerns with your physician. it currently from photograph posted looks pretty good. Hope your recovery goes better, good luck...

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Still Could Be Swelling

This could still be swelling after your procedure. If after healing you're unhappy with your results, external radiofrequency treatments (venus legacy or velashape or thermage) or ultrasound (ultherapy) with vaser liposuction can really tighten the skin and give contour and lift to this area. Best, Dr. Emer

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Had a lower facelift 5 weeks ago but still got a double chin and can't see my jaw line?

Address this question to your surgeon.  It is not unusual to experience swelling for a few weeks following a facelift.  If the problem does not resolve itself in a few months, you may need minor revision as well as liposuction in the neck area  

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