Smoking after fat transfer?

Hello doc I have done a fat transfer surger under eyes a month ago. At first, the result was great, but now I'm not satisfied. Is that because of smoking. I have been smoking since I have done the surgery . Should I quit now or it is too late because the cells under my eyes already dead !

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Smoking after fat transfer?

Smoking and nicotine use before, during, and/or after fat transfer can adversely affect the results of the procedure.  Smoking and/or nicotine products inhibit angiogenesis (the creation and formation of new blood vessels) in to the fat cells thereby inhibiting their supply of oxygen and vital nutrients, and without them the fat cells can not survive.  I would recommend stopping immediately, and your surgeon would be better able to estimate your smoking's impact on the results.
I hope this helps.

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Smoking Before and After Fat Transfer Surgery

Smoking negatively impacts blood supply to your buttocks. For the best results after your fat transfer procedure, you want the best blood supply possible. Avoiding nicotine/tobacco products for several weeks before and after surgery would be ideal. 
At this point, it is likely that whatever fat has or has not survived is established. That being said, I would do whatever you can; quit smoking now and follow-up with your plastic surgeon. 
Best of luck!

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