Bad Results from Face Lift by Facial Plastic Surgeon? (photo)

I had a partial face lift 9 months ago with many complications. My jaw line is uneven and droopy. I look worse than before the surgery. What should I do next? Not sure I could go thought another surgery with him. Should I ask for him to pay for someone else to fix my face?

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Revision surgery for facelift

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Whenever I learn someone has had a "partial facelift" I wonder why the person did not get the whole facelift. You would not shop for a partial car you would shop for a whole car. I am a huge fan of minimally invasive surgery but if someone needs a facelift then they should get what works not a fad procedure that often disappoints. I agree with the other post that really we can not help you online given the information you have posted. Good Luck!

Richmond Plastic Surgeon
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Facelift results should be critically evaluated with a proper set of photos

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From the single view that you provided - your neck and jawline look pretty good. But the photo quality is bad, so who knows what I'm missing. Have your surgeon take a proper 5 view set of post op photos and compare them to your pre-op photos. Critically evaluate the results that you see and discuss them with your surgeon. Keep in mind that your surgeon wants you to be happy and pleased with your result.

Unsatisfactory Facelift Results

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I am sorry you are not happy with the outcome of your facelift. As the others have said, it is difficult to assess the quality of your result with the single photo you provided.  I think that the best thing to do is to sit down with your surgeon to assess the clinical photographs of your result. Three things should be established at this meeting: 1. Will a revision surgery improve your results  2. Do you want your surgeon to do the surgery. 3. Payment of the revision surgery.  

The first two points should be established before the third should be addressed; in fact, most surgeons have policy that you probably signed off on regarding payment responsibility for revision surgery.  If you feel that a second opinion is in order, than seek it.

Finally, I would like to say that a common viewpoint has developed among the masses regarding plastic surgery which has been significantly shaped by television and the internet.  Specifically, that anyone with enough money (or celebrity) can get a perfect result with no risk of complications, and minimal need for recovery.  However, this is not the case at all.  In fact, some of our most thoughtful surgeon scientists have addressed this issue, specifically in regards to the facelift.  In the December 2012 issue of the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr Val Lambros discusses the biomechanical limitations of a facelift and the inability to predict who will need a revision.

I am not suggesting that you personally had this viewpoint regarding plastic surgery, nor am I defending your surgeon.  I want you to know that results are frequently imperfect and revision can usually yield a result that is satisfying and lasting.

Best of luck!

Gerald Minniti, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Facelift Results-Talk to your surgeon

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As the other experts surgeons have said, you need a better set ot photos to compare with your preoperative photos to determine if further surgery is warranted.  The best person to discuss this with is your surgeon, who hopefully has your best interest in mind and ask questions if you are not happy with the result.  If you are not satisfied with your surgeon's care, then you should consider getting another opinion with a full set of photos to compare your results.


Bradford S. Patt, MD
Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Facelift Results

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As other Surgeons have noted, the photo does not provide adequate information to render any judgment on your result. The best course of action would be to sit down with your operating surgeon and review the pre- and postop photos.  Although the limited photo does not appear "droopy" at first glance, much depends on how you looked prior to surgery.  I believe that Dr. Minniti's response is thoughtful and concise; the real issue is whether your expectations were or were not met with primary surgery and whether revision surgery will be beneficial.

Stephen Prendiville, MD
Fort Myers Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Repeat facelifts sometimes necessary

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Before subjecting yourself to a repeat or a secondary facelift surgery you will need to critically evaluate the results you have obtained. Sit down with your surgeon and review your before and after photos and point out what you don't like and he/she will be able to tell you if it is fixable.

I would also obtain a copy of your before pictures and visit with at least one, if not two, more surgeons to get a second opinion. You may have unrealistic expectations on what exactly the procedure can produce for you, or you may find a simple solution.

Good Luck!

David Finkle, MD
Omaha Plastic Surgeon
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Bad Results from Face Lift by Facial Plastic Surgeon? (photo)

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I must see your preop photographs to compare- from what I see the jawline is not droopy or uneven

Ramtin Kassir, MD
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Before and After Photos are Important

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After 9 months, you basically are looking at the final result after your facelift.

I would suggest that you  schedule an appointment with your surgeon to review your concerns and appreciate everything by viewing your before and after photographs. A second surgery is not always the best approach, even in situations of suboptimal results.

In addition, you may want to get a second opinion from an experienced facelift surgeon to see what else can be done to meet your goals.

Frank P. Fechner, MD
Worcester Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Facelift revision?

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It is difficult to see in this limited photos what you are unhappy with. It is best to show pre and post-op photos.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Facelift Surgery

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It is very hard to see what is making you unhappy in this photo.  I agree with others comments in asking you to look at your before and after photos with your surgeon and try to figure something out.  Good doctors want happy patients and will usually bend over backwards to make that happen.

John Bitner, MD
Salt Lake City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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