Brow Bone Augmentation Consultation? (photo)

I'm looking to have forehead implant surgery + brow bone augmentation + nasal implant surgery to build up the nose bridge and for a more protruding brow ridge. Is the surgery generally safe? I understand it's not a common procedure as I don't see many surgeons offering it. How much would this surgery cost approximately? And it would be great if a specialist in this field can contact/reply me. Thanks!

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Nasal dorsal augmentation

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 nasal dorsal augmentation can be  accomplished with either the patient's own cartilage or a small Silastic implant to build up the bridge. No augmentation of the frontal bone is required based on the pictures provided

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Brow bone augmentation and reason?

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Your brow region looks fine and I do not know why you would want to change it. It may be that your hairline is too high and you need it lowered. 

Toby Mayer, MD
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