Veins under eyes; what should I do? (Photos)

It's hard to capture them well in pictures but I have bluish veins under my eyes. I already have a issue with my under eye area and feel I need a bleph. Current dr doesn't want to do it as he says filler is enough . It's not. Is there a treatment to get rid of these veins. On one side it goes from under my are & wraps around to the top. I am very pale with a porcelain complexion , covering them with makeup is not working . Thank you

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Under Eye Vein Treatment

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We have excellent results with VeinGogh (ohmic thermolysis).
Unlike laser, instant results and no risk of hyper- or hypo- pigmentation.
Depending on size of veins, may take more than one treatment.

Tampa Phlebologist

Veins under the eyes

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The treatment of veins under the eyes is a bit controversial.  You have several options (other than doing nothing, which is always an option, as this is clearly aesthetic) - these options include laser, or sclerotherapy (which might be done with either liquid and foam), and microphlebectomies (taking the veins out thru tiny incisions).  Each treatment has relative risks, advantages and disadvantages.  With good eye protection and adequate skin cooling, an external YAG laser (1064nm) such as the Cooltouch Varia is an excellent choice - but it should be done by someone with a really good machine and plenty of experience.  Many physicians swear by sclerotherapy (injections of the veins) - this carries the very rare risk of blindness and  should be done with caution.  Very large veins can be treated with microphlebectomies. Whoever is doing your treatment should be an expert in whatever modality they use.  Hope that helps!

Veins. Under Eyes

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it's hard to see the veins in the pictures but I have had excellent results treating veins under the eyes with YAG laser.  There are no needles or injections needed when you do laser.  It is important to take the necessary precautions to prevent any laser exposure to the eye.  I usually use internal eye shields (like big contact lenses) to protect the eye prior to laser treatment.  It only takes a few seconds to insert and remove these.  I put numbing drops in the eye first so there is minimal discomfort.  My patients have been very pleased with the improvement and the lack of downtime.  It is important to see a laser expert.Regards,Dr. Ort

Under eye veins

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I prefer microphlebectomy as the technique of choice and occasionally employ sclerotherapy or laser. 

H Karamanoukian MD FACS

Veins Around Eyes

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Laser treatment is one option that has proven effective for veins around the eyes. I would suggest consulting with a vein specialist who has experience treating veins around the eyes before considering any other treatment options.

Under eye veins.

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I treat the veins you posted with a combination of sclerotherapy and fine needle radio frequency with very excellent results.  It may require more than one treatment.  Other options would be laser, IPL or VeinWave.

John Landi, MD
Naples General Surgeon

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