Is swelling of the ear normal after otoplasty surgery? It looks like I have cauliflower ear and it's been three days post op.

I had Otoplasty in Mexico and was given pain meds and antibiotics. My ears are swollen and a little discolored. Is this normal? Do I get the fluid drained? I didn't receive post op care instructions except the pain meds. Let me know please.

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Swelling after an Otoplasty

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During the first week after an otoplasty, you should be wearing a head dressing to keep pressure on the ear to protect the ears and prevent a hematoma.  Swelling in the ear after an otoplasty should be minor.  If you ear appears very swollen, you need to see your otoplasty surgeon ASAP.  You may have a hematoma that need to be drained to prevent permanent damage to your ear.  

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Swelling after otoplasty

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Some degree of swelling is certainly expected after otoplasty.    However,  swelling that resembles cauliflower ear could indicate a hematoma that needs to be drained to avoid scaring.   I suggest you get that checked out ASAP. 

Matthew Bridges, MD
Richmond Facial Plastic Surgeon
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