How long will I have to wait between initial consultation and actually getting my gynecomastia surgery?

I have a consultation for gynecomastia at the University of Michigan Hospital on 4/16. I've been experiencing some pain in my chest, and the glands are quite large, so I'm sure the doctor will elect for surgical removal. How soon after that will I most likely have to wait? I know insurance will be a hassle due to the condition, but if need be I'm willing to take out a loan from CareCredit or some other financing institution.

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Waiting time for gynecomastia surgery

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 This certainly varies amongst surgeons but the demand of his or her practice, and insurance approval are too large factors. If you are having pain this could affect urgency or insurance approval. Make sure this is discussed with your physician.  #consult #Insurance #Gynecomastia #Surgery 

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Waiting for surgery

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Everywhere is a little different. You need to check with your own doc's office to discuss scheduling. Most insurance plans do not cover routine correction of gynecomastia. So you should prepare yourself for self pay. Good luck.

Gynecomastia timing

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If this is going to be an insurance case, then most of the wait time will be waiting on insurance approval. If it is a cosmetic case then it can probably be scheduled fairly quickly. If I have an opening, sometimes a cosmetic case can be scheduled in a healthy patient within a few days. Occasionally I have done one the following day.  Good luck.

Surgery after consultation

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Every office is different. Many offices can take a while to get an appointment, and then usually the surgery can be performed soon after. Best to ask the office as they are all different.

Steven Wallach, MD
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How long will I have to wait between initial consultation and actually getting my gynecomastia surgery?

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There is no way for anyone but your surgeon to know what their wait list looks like. If you can't wait until the consultation to find out I would suggest calling their office to ask that question. Best of luck!

Mathew A. Plant, MD, FRCSC
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