How long after an otoplasty can I lift weights?

So five days after my otoplasty school will start from the summer break and i'll have to carry the books that will be given to me back home.I was wondering is it safe to lift around 20 books( could be much less though) or should i avoid carrying them?How much kg is it safe to lift?

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Activity After Otoplasty

I recommend to my patients waiting 3 weeks before they return to any strenuous activity including exercise. Exertion before this time may result in more swelling and bruising and a longer recovery. After three weeks it is fine to return to the gym and lifting weights.

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How long after an otoplasty can I lift weights?

It depends on the method with which you had your ears operated on. If it was with the invasive traditional method, you would probably have to wait a week or maybe longer. You should ask your surgeon about that. If, on the other hand, you were operated on with the Merck stitch method, you can already lift heavy weights on the day of the operation.   

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