After 3 weeks otoplasty, top and bottom of my ear still stick out. What can I do?

I just had my otoplasty 3 weeks ago, i have big ears compared to my head and they stick out. i got them pinned but the top and bottom of my ear seem bruised , numb and still stick out. i used to have my hair cover my head but i'm tired of standing in front of the mirror 30 minutes each day. the first 2 weeks i loved my ears, but now after cutting a bit of my ear, they seem to still stick out from the top and the bottom, i am dissatisfied now and don't know what to do

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After 3 weeks otoplasty, top and bottom of my ear still stick out. What can I do?

Hello Elios50. First of all, nothing definite can be said about the result 3 weeks after an otoplasty. You should wait at least 3 months, better still 6 months. If you were operated on with the traditional method and not with the stitch method, it must be feared that the ears, due to the scars formed with the traditional method, will stay in their current position, or be pulled still slightly closer to the head due to the shrinking of the scars. Please post a photo of your face after 6 months, making sure that it was taken exactly from the middle of the head and showing both ears at the same time. It would also be helpful to have a photo from behind, also taken from the middle and showing both ears at the same time.

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Unhappy with otoplasty

Bruising and swelling make ears protrude after otoplasty. 

If this is all, you improvement over the next 3 - 6 months.

If the surgical result is not satisfactory, the ears still protrude when swelling is gone. A second operation may be needed.

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You are still probably swollen. You need to wait about 12 weeks, for the swelling to completely disappear. Then evaluate again. May require a toutch up or redo of the surgery

Samir Shureih, MD
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