How Soon After Rhinoplasty Can I Try for Pregnancy? I Had my Surgery 2 Weeks Ago Exactly.

How Soon After Rhinoplasty Can I Try for Pregnancy? I Had my Surgery 2 Weeks Ago Exactly.

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Pregnancy after Rhinoplasty

As soon as you're off all medications prescribed after your rhinoplasty you can plan to start your pregnancy. Obviously clear this with your Obstetrician

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How soon you can get pregnant following a Rhinoplasty...

The "wait time" to get pregnant following a Rhinoplasty solely depends on your healing process and your medications.  Most surgeons prescribe pain medication and an antibiotic which are two strong medications that should not be in your system if you are trying to get pregnant.  When you are finished with your medications, I would wait an additional week and then you should be ready to go.  Also, you can always check with your Obstetrician for another opinion.

Andrew Miller, MD
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Pregnancy should not be planned while taking medications

Pregnancy should not be planned while taking medications which are not essential to your health.  If you are still taking pain medications occassionally etc then wait.  By two weeks you are probably not taking pain medications etc and are probably safe in trying to get pregnant.  Just to be safe it is always a good idea to ask this question of your obstetrician.

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Rhinoplasty and pregnancy

You should make an appointment with your OB/GYN physician and discuss this with them. You do not want to get pregnant if you are currently taking any post operative medications from your surgery and a proper amount of time should be allowed for those medications to be out of your system. Tell your OB/GYN your surgery date and what you are taking or when you last had medications and they will advise you properly. There are no other underlying factors related to rhinoplasty and pregnancy that I am aware of unless you develop any problems with breathing or swelling that will be treated with medications adverse to pregnancy. Best regards and good luck to you with your future pregnancy!

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I am not aware of any issues surounding pregnancy and post rhinoplasty timing. There is an entity known as rhinitis of pregnancy that manifests itself as obstructed breathing. So, wait until your post surgical breathing is back to normal

David A. Bray, Sr., MD
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As soon as you are off all medications

You don't have to really wait at all. At two weeks you should be off all meds related to the surgery and therefore there will be no negative effect on a pregnancy.

Good Luck!

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