Keloid Removal for a Baby?

My child has keloid on the vertex of his head since birth. Now, he is 11 months old. What is the best treatment at this age group as it is still increasing.

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Consider keloid biopsy when your baby is 18 months old

I must agree with the other doctor posting. You really should explore a biopsy after the infant is 18 months old to determine the exact pathology. 

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Make sure it is a Keloid

While this is most likely a keloid, since I am assuming a physician gave you the diagnosis, it might merit a biopsy to be sure. This is a young age for keloids, and you should be sure that it is not one of the fibromatosis of children.

Fibrous hamartomas of infancy usually occur in the shoulder area but can occur on the scalp.

Since you live in Cardiff, I would refer you to a friend of mine, Dr. Andrew C. Finley. He is an excellent dermatologist. If you do consult with him, please give him my best.

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