Scar Treatment Options Following Skin Graft on Nose Tip?

What's the most expedient and effective scar treatment following skin graft surgery (for basal cell removal) on nose tip?

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Fraxel Re:pair for treatment following skin grafts

I have used Fraxel re:pair to treat patients after skin graft and local skin flap reconstruction of their noses post skin cancer removal. The ideal time for the laser treatment is about 6 weeks post surgery and usually just one treatment is needed. The entire nose is lasered, not just the graft, so as to blend the graft in with the surrounding skin. Insurance has covered this procedure for some of my patients as it is a reconstructive, non cosmetic procedure.

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Scar treatment options


The best option would be to remove the graft and perform a local flap from other nasal tissue. To educate yourself a bit more on the procedure, google "bilobe flap." Hope this helps to answer your question.

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