Nipple Reduction Surgery Success for Keloid Prone Patients?

I am interested in getting nipple reduction surgery to correct protruding nipples. However, I am prone to keliods. Is a successful correction still possible?

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Nipple reduction and scar

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The nipple-areola complex is a relatively privileged site when it comes to keloid formation. Therefore prominent nipples can be reduced with a very low chance of keloid scar formation.

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Nipple Reduction and Keloid Prone Skin

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The key to surgery in patients with 'keloid prone' skin is to determine whether your scars are truly keloids, or hypertrophic scars. Nipple reduction surgery is simple and there is less risk of developing keloids as there is minimal tension on the wounds. One option would be to perform the nipple reductions one at a time, rather than in tandem, to assess the scar formation. If a poor scar arises, the surgeon may be tempted to change the treatment or surgical strategy.

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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Nipple reduction surgery

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Keloid prone patients should be followed more closely after a procedure. Keloids do not occur overnight. The scar may become thickened with time but if the patient is being followed every 3-4 weeks then subtle changes will be recognized by the surgeon who can then intervene. A conservative approach should be tried with all patients that have a history of keloids such as gentle massaging 5 minutes twice a day as the wound continues to heal. A silicone gel sheet that is adhesive should also be worn which helps keep the wounds flat. lastly if the scars becomes tender red ot thickened it should be injected with a small amount of steroid to help soften the scar.

Sharon Theresa McLaughlin MD
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Nipple reduction surgery and keloids

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dt fully predict if the resultant scars from nipple reduction would keloid or not. I have met patients who had a keloid scar in one region as a result of one surgery and did not in another region of the body. There are suggested treatments in keloid-prone patients such as pressure therapy, steroid injection or 5FU intralesional injection or a combination of either and these could be used for you. I would meet with a board-certified plastic surgeon and allow them to give you thei thoughts after they have had the chance to examine you. I hope this helps.

Dr Edwards

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