Can I Refill my Saline Breast Implants?

I was happy with my breast augmentation, from 34A I went to 34C,even small D.Saline implants. But since last year they apear to gettting smaller and smaller every day. I am qurious do anyone knows if they can fill them up without to remove the implants and for less than new implants cost? Thank you

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Saline refill

Yes, saline implants can be refilled or even overfilled by the plastic surgeons. We do this when patients lose weight and have rippling issues. 

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Can I increase the size of my existing breast implants by adding saline to them?

All breast implant manufacturers have a optimal recommended range of breast implant fill. A breast implant can be filled more, or some saline can be removed as long as the final volume remains in this recommended range. otherwise, you can increase the risk of implant deflation, as well as altering the natural look and feel of the implant.

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Vanishing breast size

It is unlikely, both of your implants are leaking.  Instead you are experiencing changes in your own breast including loss of the initial swelling from surgery, retraction of the muscle if they are under the muscle, and thinning and compaction of your breast tissue.  If you desire being larger, I woyuld reccomend you see your surgeon about revising your augmentation with a new larger implant.  However if your initial augmentation is at the lower range of the allowable fill range for your devices, you could have the implants filled to the top of their fill range to increase fullness.

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Implants Lose Their Shape After Too Much Overfilling

My guess is that if you had a true leak, the implants would be about flat within a week. Refilling or overfilling an implant beyond the 20% recommended by the manufacturer can cause several problems:

  1. You void the warranty
  2. The fluid that can be added is usually small - like 50cc- so no major size increase could be expected.
  3. As you overfill, the implant gets taller and rounder, but not it looks more like a ball, which may appear unnatural.

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Refill Saline Implants

Thank you for your question. You can technically add saline to a saline breast implant, however, this will not only void the implant warranty and you need to keep in mind that every time you go back in for surgery, you open yourself up to complications like capsular contracture especially when you are using the implant.I prefer to place new, sterile implants in to get the size you desire now.I hope this helps

Eugene Kim, MD
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Breast Augmentation and Saline Implants Feeling Smaller

Since you describe a decrease in volume of both implants every day since the previous year, I would expect the implants to be empty by now. It would be unusual to lose volume in both implants simultaneously, especially at the same slow rate of leak. More likely your breasts themselves have relaxed, which can happen as the tissues stretch to accommodate the breast implant. Other causes of shrinking breast volume are hormonal changes and  weight loss.

Even if both saline implants were leaking, it would be best to have them removed, since a small hole or a weakening of the valve could result in a persistent leak if they were refilled. Replacement of the present saline implants with larger saline or silicone gel implants would be a better option to help you achieve your goals.

Heather J. Furnas, MD
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Removal & Replacement of Breast Implants

                  The decrease in your breast size is probably not related to your breast implants, but instead to loss of actual breast tissue. It’s unusual for leaking breast implants to occur bilaterally and they typically don’t deflate slowly.

                  The solution to this problem is most likely removal of your current implants and replacement with larger implants. In most cases, adding volume to an existing implant is not considered a good idea for a variety of reasons. These implants have fill ranges and the amount added would probably not impact breast size enough to make a difference.

                  It’s important to discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon. Your surgeon will be able to help formulate a plan that will be appropriate for your problem. 

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Adding fluid to saline filled implants

 Adding saline to implants can be done but the problem is that if you stay in the recommended fill range you will not be able to add much to the implant.  More than likely you will need to go to a larger size to get the degree of improvement that you desire. 

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Refilling saline breast implants to increase size.

Usually both implants don't deflate slowly.  If you have a true chronic deflation, the fix for this is removal and replacement.  Your loss of volume may be due more to your breast tissue thinning out and the implants settling.  Refilling of implants is usually not done as most implants are filled to their capacity.  Overfilling may create rippling.  Best to talk with your plastic surgeon.

Jeffrey J. Roth, MD, FACS
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Refill my Saline Breast Implants

It is unlikely to have a simultaneous leak, and refilling the old implants is not recommended. The reason for the change needs to be identified before proceeding with the appropriate answer. Consult with your implantation surgeon to explore your options. If he or she is unavailable, consult with 3 - 4 board certified plastic surgeons to identify the best option for you.

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