1 Month Post-op + Porcelain Veneers

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How Do I Resolve Post-veneer Pain and Discomfort? (photo)

Had 6 top front veneers placed 4 weeks ago. Pleased with the aesthetic results but still have ache and sensitivity. What is causing this and will go... READ MORE

The Gum Still Look Dark After Replace All Porcelain Crown? (photo)

Hi Doctors. I had 19 porcelain veneers a month ago, i chose the BL2 shade, the shade cam out not white as i wanted, but it;s too late to redo, but my... READ MORE

Veneer Color Changed to Blue? (photo)

Hi. I put on new veneers last month, but one of the incisors changed color on top to blue (see the picture). Any idea what causes that? Can it be... READ MORE

Had porcelain veneers month ago and now they're yellow, am in pain and feel bulky. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had what I was told porcelain veneers about a month ago. For past two weeks I noticed them discoloring. They look yellower than before. My natural... READ MORE

A month after getting the Veneers and still in discomfort.

Got 2 front veneers a month ago. Temporaries did not feel pain or discomfort. Left veneer felt sensitive when i flossed it or compressed it from the... READ MORE

If I change my veneers would it effect my teeth?

I had my veneers about a month ago and i am disappointed and depressed i phoned my dentist to ask him if i can remove them and change them to... READ MORE

I had 8 veneers, two crowns and bridge done four weeks ago. One veneer already been redone coz it didn't cover my bite (Photo)

I have been in a lots of pain. One of the pains was that my bridge was ill fitted but dentist still says it my nerve. But I asked her do it again to... READ MORE

Pain in back of my veneer where it meets with my tooth? Do I need a root canal?

I have been having pain on back of my veneer where it meets with the tooth. Doctor did an x-ray and everything looked sealed. They fixed my bite 3... READ MORE

Two front veneers chipped after 1 month, should this be happening? What can I do?

I just got 6 porcelain veneers on my upper front teeth less than a month ago. The 2 front teeth are already chipping a little on the edges. I have not... READ MORE

Intense veneer tooth pain when biting, warmth, cold, and breathing. Is this normal?

So I had a chipped front tooth and went to the dentist to get it fixed. Decided on a porcelain veneer. It took 7days for the 1st veneer to arrive.(the... READ MORE

Is it normal to have tooth pain for a month after getting Veneers? (photo)

I had my permanent porcleian veneers put on 30 days ago . Uppers and lowers. A couple of teeth got porcleian crowns (replacing old ones). My teeth... READ MORE

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