How Do I Resolve Post-veneer Pain and Discomfort? (photo)

Had 6 top front veneers placed 4 weeks ago. Pleased with the aesthetic results but still have ache and sensitivity. What is causing this and will go away? Had 4 top front veneers 18 years before these w/ no discomfort. Are these new ones too thin? Are the nerves irritated? I will go back to my dentist next week, but want a broader response first. Thank you all for any professional opinion you can provide. Also, my bite is different. How could this be? Smiling Scared in the Southwest

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Resolving Post-Veneer Pain

The fact that you say your bite feels different is probably the main reason for your post-op pain. You are proibably putting too much pressure on your front veneers when you put your teeth together. Make sure to tell your dentist about your bite change. He can adjust it. This is very common rightbafter the initial s3ating.

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Discomfort after a procedure such as your is not uncommon.  Having veneers made for 6 teeth is a big procedure and can cause discomfort in the gum tissue as well as moderate sensitivity in the teeth.  The discomfort you are experiencing should not last more than 10 days-2 weeks (on average).  You should not be experiencing any sharp shooting pain. If you are, please let your dentist know ASAP- as this may be an indication to have the tooth or teeth evaluated by an edodontist (root canal specialist).  Some sensitivity is anticipated as I am sure your dentist told you.  I always ask my patients to call me and describe their post op discomfort so that I can guide them in the right direction.  Do not hesitate to call your dentist and let your dentist know how you are feeling.

As far as the bite being off.  This should definitely be addressed immediately.  your bite should feel even and comfortable after every dental procedure.  Make sure you call your dentist and go back to have the bite adjusted so that you are comfortable!



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Hi Smiling Scared in the Southwest

Veeners placement can often cause discomfort and you had a really good result 18 years ago.  This time, you are having to deal with pain which could be caused from your bite being a little different than what it was before the placement of the veneers.   Bites can be easily corrected and maybe have the dentist make you a bite guard,  If the pain persists, it could be something more serious  as an irritated nerve or problems with the pulp in the tooth.When you see your dentist again, make sure he answers your questions and also have him refer you to an endodontist.

Pain after veneers

Yes the nerves are agitated. For two reasons, they were just worked on, and your bite if off. After bite adjustment, take some anti inflamatory like ( Aleve), and refrain from drinking cold to help the nerves to subside .

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